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Bass Fishing

Divisions: A AA B BB C D


Bass fishing will be added as a Corporate Recreation event in the spring and removed from the Challenge.

Two boats and 4 fishermen or women are all you need to compete! No boat? No problem! Fish from the bank! Score will be the combined weight of fish caught by both squads. (4 players - no gender requirement)

Evaluation: Please take a moment and evaluate this past years event.

Combination Team Format, Open Competition:


Each team will consist of two squards. A squad may be any combination of two of the following:

  • Boat Squad: Boat with two (2) members, in any combination of male or female. For safety reasons, thre must be two participants per boat. Team score will be the combined weight of fish caught by both squads.
  • Shore Squad: Two (2) members, in any combination of male or female.
  • Team score will be the combined weight of fish caught by both squads.
Roster Due:


Saturday, September 28

Game Days:




Sunday, October 6

Rain Out Line: 972-744-4301

Lake Lavon! - Map

East Fork Park


There will be no scheduled practices.

Procedure :

All participants must be registered and checked in at tournament headquarters and must display tournament marker at all times while participating.


Appropriate identification must be presented at the time of registration. See Identification Segment for acceptable forms of ID

Points :

A complete team will earn 30 participation points. Complete teams will consist of 2 squads of 2 participants each.

Information :

All substitutions must be made from the employee roster. Substitutions will be allowed before a squad departs the check-in area.

Will Provide :

Weigh-in bags


Body :

There is no general governing body for the event:

  • All Local, State, Federal and Texas Parks and Wildlife laws will be applied to this tournament. Violators will be disqualified.
  • No pre-fishing the day before the event through the start time on the day of the event.
  • Teams may take off immediately following check-in, but may not start fishing until 6:30 a.m. No trailering is allowed.
  • Contestants can weigh in fish beginning at 12:00 noon. Once a bass is weighed in, it cannot be replaced by a larger bass for a total.
  • Weigh-in contestants must check in by 3:00 p.m.
  • Only 5 Large Mouth (Black Bass) will be weighed per squad. All fish must be caught during tournament time in navigable waters of Lake Lavon.
  • Late check-in will be penalized 2 lbs. You will receive a 1 lb. penalty for dead fish NO EXCEPTIONS. Fish must be brought to weigh scale in a weigh bag.
    Official clock will be available at weigh in location.
  • A Legal fish size is any fish over 14 inches. Any fish that measures less than 14 inches is not eligible for weigh in and is an illegal size fish.
    All fish will be measured with mouth closed and tail pointed on a flat board. YOU MUST WEIGH IN AN ELIGIBLE FISH TO BE AWARDED POINTS.
  • Boats and/ or livewells or stringers may be checked at any time by tournament officials.
  • It is mandatory that a minimum and maximum of two contestants per boat be adhered to. All persons on the boat must be registered contestants.
  • Fishing from the shore is allowed.
  • Only artificial lures can be used, no live bait or prepared bait is permitted. Use of pork rind is acceptable. Fishing must be done with rod and reel only,
    and only one (1) rod per participant may be used at a time.
  • No trolling is permitted.
  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or drugs are to be on a boat, or to be consumed by a participant during tournament hours. Violation of this rule will result in
    immediate disqualification and forfeiture of said squad.
  • No fishing within 50 feet of another tied or anchored boat.
  • All fish become the property of the City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Department for live release.
  • All protest must be submitted in writing to tournament official within 15 minutes after weigh in has been completed.
  • Decisions of tournament officials are final in all matters.
  • Above all, enjoy the tournament, and please use proper fishing etiquette throughout the event.




There is no uniform requirement, but it is recommended that each company wear their Corporate Challenge shirts. Life jackets must be worn while big motor is in operation.