Be a Part of the Challenge

Each October as the Corporate Challenge comes to an end, organizers of the 10-week Olympic-style event begin recruiting for the next one! All DFW area businesses are eligible to compete and as the event celebrated its 15th anniversary there were a record number 50 teams in last year’s games.

While still relatively early in the recruitment process, only two companies from 2012 have decided to sit this up-coming year out. In those spots are two companies who have already agreed to participate. While the net growth will not be determined until May or June, organizers anticipate this year’s Challenge being a full one with 50 teams once again. New to the line-up this year: NTTA and Meriman Associates/Arhitects, Inc. and TekComms. These organizations have officially signed on and there are several more who are on the fence.

Generally speaking, the event gains 6-8 companies, but will lose 3-4 from the previous year. The loss is typically due to internal reorganization, change in management, budget cuts or in some instances other activities that a company will choose to be a part of. "We usually have a net gain of 4-6 companies once our recruitment period is over," says Abby Morales, Managing Director. With the spike in companies in 2011 (a record 20 new ones joined) there was little room for growth in the up-coming year. The Challenge has limits set by facilities and “we certainly do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity” adds Morales.

The recruitment period starts in October and runs through about May. Morales and team start their monthly planning meetings with companies in April for the August event and “to be a part of the planning from the very beginning is instrumental to a company’s success and their overall experience in the Corporate Challenge. “ Companies who are still on the fence are included in these meetings as a result.

The newbies have their own story as to why they are joining and how they heard about the event. Some see the street banners that hang in Richardson throughout the course of the event, others have been at a company that participated, and others feel it fits well into their own company wellness initiatives. Whatever the reason, organizers know this - ultimately everyone comes together in competition and a wonderful organization benefits in the process. Game On!