Team Cake Contest

Yep, there’s something for everyone!

Don’t be fooled by the “fun” sounding name of this contest. The bakers and decorators who enter are JUST as serious as the softball players that take the field...maybe even more so!

How does a cake contest enter into the world of the Corporate Challenge? Former Board of Management member, Pam Brungardt, came up with the idea in a planning meeting for the 2009 Closing Ceremonies. The issue was food and budget. Organizers wanted to spend as much of the budget on food as possible, but still wanted to offer up dessert. Pam spoke up and said, “Why not do a cake contest? Everything else in the Challenge is a contest?” And so a new event was added to the Challenge!

The concept was simple...companies would enter cakes into the contest, they would be judged and dessert would be taken care of for the Closing Ceremonies. The committee decided to involve Special Olympics Texas in the judging and research was done on a few “rules” for the competitors to abide by. How many companies would actually enter?...that was the biggest worry of the committee. What they learned – that was the last thing they needed to worry about!

Cakes were to be delivered on the day of Closing Ceremonies between noon and 4:00 p.m. Over 20 cakes were entered and decorators were hauling in their supplies on carts. The committee was stunned! The masterpieces that came from this group of bakers and decorators far exceeded the expectations of any of the committee members. There were moving pieces, decor that could be eaten and every other bell and whistle that could be imagined - all in the name of the Corporate Challenge and the company each was representing. It was remarkable...AND delicious!

What came after the contest was a pleasant surprise to the committee! The competitors were upset that the rules were very “loose” and loosely followed. They wanted to have celebrity judges - the thought was the Challenge has officials and referees for the different sporting events, why not have a celebrity judge or two for this contest as well? Competitors wanted more space and a designated time for photos to be taken so their company could see their masterpiece before it was devoured. The committee sprung into action and quickly realized that the Cake Contest was not only there to stay, but was in fact a true event addition to the Corporate Challenge.

Local celebrity judges are now sought after each year to judge this portion of the Challenge and each are thrilled to hear about the contest, the Challenge and our benefactor. Special Olympics Texas is still a part of the judging as well and the contest rules have been modified and is after all a real event!

The Challenge has witnessed cakes with fireworks, moving parts, multiple layers, lights and everything else in between! It’s not only about the look, it’s about the taste as well! Once again the Corporate Challenge has added an event that reaches out to a population that might not otherwise be participating in the event. When organizers tell you that there’s something for everyone...they mean it!