Proposition 1

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Street Improvements $24.71 Million

    Alleys    36 Alley segments with PCI of 55 or less    $3,715,160  
Street Rehabilitation - Collectors    
  Collectors    7 Collectors - Terrace, Dumont, Lookout, Melrose, S. Grove, Bowser, Old Campbell (asphalt)    $5,631,890  
Street Rehabilitation - Residential    
  Residential Streets    15 Residential Streets - Asphalt on 300 Pittman, Wista Vista & Huffhines    $5,640,075  
Street Capacity    
  City Participation    Galatyn Overpass Extension ($525,000) and developer participation ($262,500)    $787,500  
    UTD Roadways    Construct roadway connections on UTD Campus    $2,836,000  
Intersection Improvements    
  Spring Valley Rd. / Weatherred Dr. - Dallas County    Construct dual left-turn bays for Weatherred Dr. & right turn only lanes for both streets    $568,000  
    Collin County RTR Intersections    Construct RTLs at Jupiter/Renner, Renner/SH 190, Alma/Renner, Jupiter/SH190    $315,000  
Traffic Control Devices    
  Communications & Operations Upgrade    Replace Traffic Signal Communications System    $1,439,000  
    Traffic Signal Rebuilds Phase I    Reconstruct older signals  to restore reliable operations at 14 of 57 required locations    $2,060,625  
    Signal Cabinet Upgrade Phase I    Replace old TS1 cabinets with TS2 cabinets    $378,000  
    Signal Battery Backup Units Phase I    Install battery backup units for signals to operate during power outages    $141,750  
Flood Prevention    
  Laurel Ln. - St. Lukes Dr. to Waterview Dr.   Construct drainage & repave Laurel Ln. from St. Lukes Dr. to Waterview Dr.    $399,000  
  1709 Timberway Dr. Erosion Repair     Construct gabion wall channel protection    $136,500  
    1502 Braeburn Dr. Erosion Repair     Construct gabion wall channel protection and remove existing rip rap    $283,500  
Bridges / Culverts    
  Phillips Bridge at Floyd Branch    Remove and replace existing culvert with a bridge    $378,000