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 Lavon Lake Water Levels

Water conservation is a year-round responsibility. To see the current levels in Lavon Lake (the City of Richardson's primary water source) or other lakes in this region, visit
the North Texas Municipal Water District's Reservoir Level page.

Maintaining water quality is an essential undertaking for the City of Richardson to preserve Richardson's natural environment.  Everyone can participate in enhancing water quality.

Current Richardson Water Conservation efforts and information:   

  • Water Conservation PictureReducing Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) can reduce the energy needed to maintain water quality.
  • Protect the quality of water in Richardson. "This Drain for Rain" signs indicate storm drains are meant to channel rain water towards creeks and do not have the benefit of water treatment.   
  • Water Quality Monitoring – Water quality monitoring of Richardson's extensive creek system occurs on an as needed basis to ensure compliance with State Guidelines and standards.
  • Dry Weather Monitoring – An element of the overall stormwater management program, staff monitors and visually inspects 10% of the 550 stormwater outfall pipes to ensure that no illicit discharges occur.  All discharges are screened, tested, and evaluated.  When a problem is encountered the discharge is traced back to the source for corrective action.

In case of harmful waste contaminants in waterways, the Richardson Health Department staff response to contain the environmental impact.  The Richardson Pretreatment Program monitors and surveys categorical and significant industrial users to ensure that wastewater is pretreated to acceptable and established standards.