Phase 1 Study Background

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Main Street/Central Expressway Enhancement/Redevelopment Study

In January 2009, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan, which identified six “Enhancement/Redevelopment” zones. The feeling of City officials was that the true redevelopment potential of these areas could not be determined without specific, detailed study. The Main Street area and the Central Expressway Corridor are two of the target redevelopment zones.

Both reflect many of the challenges facing first-tier suburbs: aging development and infrastructure; properties that are underperforming due to changes in market conditions, technology and building format; and evolving demographics. The Main Street area includes the historical downtown of Richardson. Central Expressway is a freeway-oriented commercial corridor with a variety of uses. In an effort to achieve the City Council’s goal of completing the Main Street and the Central Corridor studies in the most expeditious manner, the two are being combined into a single study area.

Several past studies have examined this corridor and nearby areas. These include:

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