Phase 1 Main Street Area Photos

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Main Street/Central Expressway Enhancement/Redevelopment Study

Photographs of properties within the Main Street study area. Click on the individual photos to enlarge.

 101 S Central Expressway
101 S. Central Expressway

 211 W Polk Street
221 W. Polk Street

 301 S Interurban Street
301 S. Interurban Street

 Looking north from E Polk Street and S Texas Street
Looking north from corner of
E. Polk Street & S. Texas Street

 208 S McKinney Street
208 S. McKinney Street

126 E Kaufman Street
126 E. Kaufman Street

110 S McKinney Street
110 S. McKinney Street

111 and 113 E Polk Street
111 & 113 E. Polk Street

201 S Greenville Avenue
201 S. Greenville Avenue

323 E Polk Street
323 E. Polk Street

325 E Phillips Street
325 E. Phillips Street

111-119 E Main Street
111-119 E. Main Street

100 S Greenville Avenue
100 S. Greenville Avenue

110-118 E Main Street
110-118 E. Main Street

201 N Greenville Avenue
201 N. Greenville Avenue

118 N Greenville Avenue
118 N. Greenville Avenue

415 N Greenville Avenue
415 N. Greenville Avenue

400 N Greenville Avenue
400 N. Greenville Avenue

315 La Salle Drive
315 La Salle Drive

314 E Main Street
314 E. Main Street

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