Fire Safety House

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The Life and Fire Safety House is an integral part of our Fire Prevention Program for all segments of our community to prevent fire-related injuries and deaths.

The Life and Fire Safety House gives visitors a chance to experience a simulated fire-like condition in a non- toxic smoke controlled residential environment. The home has a fully equipped but not functional kitchen, a living room with a log-light fireplace, smoke detectors, 9-1-1 simulated telephone system and fire extinguishers. This Life and Fire Safety House serves as an educational tool utilized throughout our community and schools of other districts located within our city limits.

With a Life and Fire Safety House, we can make a big impact on citizens of all ages and help them better understand the importance of fire safety along with what precautions and safety measures they need to practice.

Education is a potential lifesaver when it comes to Fire Prevention and Life Safety. Each year more than 5,000 Americans suffer death as a result of residential fires. Most of those dying in house fires are the young and the senior citizens. Eighty percent of those killed by fire die in single-family residences. Most fatal fires occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., when victims are asleep. Nine out of ten victims of home fires are already dead before the fire department is even notified. The Life and Fire Safety House serves as an educational tool to reinforce specific fire safety behaviors. Most importantly, it allows children and parents to practice the proper procedures for exit drills in the home.

Education is a powerful tool in preventing fires and saving lives. Through this educational tool, we have greater opportunity to reach out to those who may not be getting the safety instructions they should. The Life and Fire Safety House provides our safety professionals a “mobile classroom” featuring home-like rooms and real-life hazards. This then creates an environment that gives people of all ages the knowledge they need to not only prevent fires, but also the steps to follow to safely escape a fire. The Life and Fire Safety House provides a user-friendly environment for children and adults that demonstrate a variety of ways to avoid starting accidental fires and the correct steps to take when faced in a real fire situation.

Our city serves the students and personnel of two school districts (Richardson and Plano) and the residents of four different cities (Dallas, Plano, Garland and Murphy). In addition to life and fire safety lessons at our 27 - elementary, 4 - junior highs, 3 - high schools, and 1 - University, we are able to reach out to the entire community – to daycare facilities, assisted living facilities, senior citizen center, churches, businesses and other interested organizations.

The programs that are the focus of our life and fire safety education lessons include:

  • Home escape planning
  • Safety lessons of crawling low in smoke, exiting bedrooms, importance of Functioning smoke detectors, how to recognize fire hazards in the home
  • Fire safety precautions and instruction within the kitchen, living room and bedroom
  • The proper way to report any emergency to 9-1-1
  • Appropriate safety steps when severe weather threatens

We strongly believe that an educated populace is a safe populace and through the educational instructions delivered through the Life and Fire Safety House, we can reduce the numbers of fire injuries and deaths in our community.

If you would like more information on reserving the Life and Fire Safety House for your community event or school education, contact the Richardson Fire Marshal's Office at 972-744-5750.