Health Programs

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Program Summaries: 

Air Quality

Working in partnership with various state agencies to ensure compliance with and improvement upon air quality standards. 

Child Care

Commercial and Home childcare centers are permitted and inspected for sanitation and safety.

Children's Immunization

A FREE children's immunization clinic in cooperation with the Methodist Richardson hospital and Junior League of Richardson.  Must be a Richardson resident or RISD student 18 years of age or younger without private health insurance. Appointments required.

Environmental Education

Education and presentations on environmental issues, including Storm Water Pollution/Nonpoint Source Pollution, FOG (Fats Oils and Grease) Cease the Grease initiative.

Environmental Site Assessment

Requests for an Environmental Site Assessment, or a records search on a property, goes through the City Secretary's office.

Food Sanitation & Safety

Permit & inspect food establishments, festivals & special events, mobile vendors/food trucks, open air markets, etc.  to ensure sanitation and safety.

Food Handler Training

Food Handler Certification is required for ALL food establishment employees and at least one person in a supervisory capacity is required to have Food Manager Certification.

HHWaste Disposal

The City of Richardson is a participating City for the Dallas County Household Hazardous Waste disposal center.

Smoking Ordinance

The City of Richardson Smoking Ordinance restricts smoking in restaurants, places of employment, and public parks.  Bars and tobacco shops are excluded from the smoking ordinance.

Sound Ordinance

The Sound Ordinance regulates the level of noise allowed to be generated near residential areas.  Various departments are tasked with investigating different noise sources.  Click link to learn more.

Swimming Pool Inspection Program

Seasonal inspections are performed on all public and semi-public swimming pools in the City of Richardson to ensure water quality & clarity and safety.

Vector Management

Mosquitoes, Rodents, Bees, and any animal or insect that is capable of transmitting disease; or,  is a public health nuisance.  In addition to information on vector borne diseases: West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, etc.

Water Quality 

Storms and creeks are monitored for illegal dumping, drainage, blockage, etc. to ensure the preservation of the natural waterways throughout the City.