Bon Voyage
June 11-15

All aboard the Sizzlin' Summer Playground Ship! We're riding the deep blue waters to place only for the courageous and adventurous.

Field Trip: Globe Life Park

Follow the North Star
June 18-22

Everyone look skyward, and get your navigation tools along with your thinking caps. Like Moana, we'll high five the sky and follow the North Star to our destination: Treasure Island.

Field Trip: Dallas Zoo

Shiver me Timbers
June 25-29

As we close in on our journey to Treasure Island, we'll encounter sea creatures that are sure to put a chill down our spines. Leave your fear at home, and bring your courage as we keep the monsters at bay.

Field Trip: Surf and Swim

Treasure Island
July 2-6

This week we will do fun things in celebration of our arrival to Treasure Island. Come prepared to learn some cool outdoor skills. 

Field Trip: Westlake Skate

No camp Wednesday, July 4th

Tournament of Champions
 July 9-13

Be with us as we challenge Elementary Camp to see who competes with City of Allen's Camp STAR in our annual Day Camp Challenge.

Field Trip: Pump It Up

Treasure Hunt
July 16-20

Beaucoup pots of gold and other gems are scattered about this island. Get your detecting gear, and hone in your searching skills so that you can find the lost treasure.

Field Trip: LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Dressed to the Nines
July 23-27

Let's show off our best pirate rags, gold teeth, and blingy eye patches to bask in the treasures we found in our hunt. This week come "dressed to the nines" in your best pirate costume.

Field Trip: Nickelrama

Message in a Bottle
July 30-Aug. 3

We are sending messages in bottles to friends to help us defend our beautiful Treasure Island.

Field Trip: AMC Stonebriar

Home Sweet Home
Aug. 6-10

Anchors Aweigh! We thank Treasure Island for the adventure. We head home and share our experiences with our family and friends.

Field Trip: Wet Zone

* Please note all activities & trips are subject to change without notice.