Animal Services Advisory Commission Members

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The Animal Services Advisory Commission shall assist the Animal Services Division of the Health Department in complying with requirements of Chapter 823, Health and Safety Code, V.T.C.A., and other applicable State and local laws by submitting recommendations to the Animal Services Division.  Consists of 7 members consisting of one licensed veterinarian; one municipal official; one person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter and serves as the City of Richardson Animal Services Manager; one representative from an animal welfare organization; and three citizens who are residents of the City.  Shall meet at least three times per year.  Contact City Health Department at 972-744-4080.




Jean Felsted
Chair (3-23-09)
Animal Welfare Organization
Meets term limit 3/31/17
 Erica Erickson, DVM
Vice Chair (3-23-09)
Licensed Veterinarian
Meets term limit 3/31/17
 Dennis Wooten
Richardson Animal Services Manager 
Term does not apply to employee
Bill Alsup
Richardson Director of Health
Municipal Official 
Meets term limit 3/31/19
Dana Huffman 3-31-14
Meets term limit 3/31/18
Paula Carlson 3-31-14
Meets term limit 3/31/18
Elise Bissell 3-31-14
Meets term limit 3/31/18