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The director of public services or designee, may, in writing, grant a temporary variance to the prohibitions provided by the City’s water conservation efforts if it is determined that failure to grant such variance would cause an emergency condition adversely affecting public health, welfare or safety, and if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • Compliance with the plan would present a harmful hardship to a resident, business or industry during the duration of the water supply shortage or other condition for which the plan is in effect. 
  • Alternative methods can be implemented which will achieve the same level of reduction in water use. 
  • Persons requesting an exemption from the provisions of this plan shall file a petition for variance with the director of public services within five days after each respective prohibition is evoked. All petitions for variances shall be received by the director of public services and shall include the following: 
    • Name and address of the petitioner(s). 
    • Detailed statement with supporting data and information as to how the prorate allocation of water under the policies and procedures established in the plan adversely affects the petitioner or what damage or harm will occur to the petitioner or others if petitioner complies with the conservation ordinance. 
    • Description of the relief requested. 
    • Period of time for which the variance is sought. 
    • Alternative measures the petitioner is taking or proposes to take to meet the intent of the City’s conservation efforts and the compliance date.

Variances granted by the director of public services shall be subject to the following conditions, unless waived by the city council, city manager or designee(s):

  • Variances granted shall include a timetable for compliance. 
  • Variances granted shall expire when the plan is no longer in effect, unless the petitioner has failed to meet specified requirements. 
  • No variance shall be retroactive or otherwise justify any violation of this plan occurring prior to the issuance of the variance.
Variance Information: The City of Richardson

To meet public health and safety needs and to help maintain overall water pressure in the City’s system, the City of Richardson has certain facilities that must be watered outside the publicly mandated water restriction times. Such facilities include athletic and recreation facilities used by the public for a variety of purposes. Newly planted landscaping will also be maintained, but will follow the water restrictions in place for new landscaping that all other residents or businesses must follow. A listing of variations from the watering schedule follows:

  • Vertical structures and capital improvements: Foundations for City facilities including: City Hall, recreation centers, fire stations, park pavilions, park restroom facilities and other public structures will be maintained as needed to protect investment of public funds.
  • Parks and Recreation facilities: Because of safety concerns, the City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Department will keep all athletic turf watered to limit cracks on ball fields and other public areas. These facilities include all areas where there is scheduled league play.
  • Newly planted landscaping: Newly planted areas at City Hall, Breckinridge Park, and other areas will be irrigated until planted material has been established. Watering will occur as allowed by City ordinance for new landscaping. No new landscaping is being planted during the duration of water conservation measures.
  • Medians and other roadside areas: The City has scaled back irrigation on landscaping located near roadways. Based on the number of miles that must be maintained, the City will irrigate newly planted zones and trees outside prescribed watering days.
  • Public fountains: Operations of the City’s fountain at City Hall and of the play fountain at Galatyn Plaza have been reduced to conserve water and limit loss of water due to evaporation. The fountain facilities will be operated intermittently during times of low consumption to ensure proper maintenance of pumping equipment.
  • Sherrill Park Golf Course: Maintenance crews have increased usage of well water drawn at the course to water tees, fairways and greens. Stage 2 water conservation measures will allow all golf facilities to be maintained while meeting conservation goals. During Stage 3, irrigation of fairways will be minimized to meet targeted water conservation measures.
Though some City facilities will be watered outside times dictated by the ordinance, the City will maintain watering schedules that will meet or exceed conservation efforts. Other large public and private water users will also have variances for water usage, and will be monitored according to the guidelines in the variances for which they apply. Variances are also available by request for residents, businesses and other entities by contacting the City’s Public Services Department at 972-744-4220.
Last updated: 6/1/2012 11:18:50 AM