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Sidewalks and Drive Approaches

All plans are to be drawn to scale unless otherwise indicated. Two sets of plans must be turned in with the Building Permit application. Only the minimum plans are listed. Others may be required depending on the extent of the work.

  1. All concrete to be a min. of 2500 psi at 28 days, slump not to exceed 4". All surfaces are to be monolithic finish - no exposed aggregate on public property.
  2. Sidewalk - Min. 4' wide, 4" thick, reinforced with min. 3/8” rebar spaced 24” o.c. Expansion joints-1/2" spaced 25' to 30' apart with 3/8" deep markings grooved on 4' to 5' centers. The walk is to slope 1/4" per foot of the width of the sidewalk.
  3. Drive approach-min. 6" concrete, reinforced with 3/8" rebar, spaced 24" o.c.
  4. Driveway-min. 4" concrete, reinforced with 3/8" rebar, spaced 24" o.c.
Last updated: 11/23/2011 1:39:01 AM