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ZF 14-34 Main Street/Central Rezoning Support Material
For December 16, 2014 City Plan Commission Meeting

ZF 14-34 Main street/Central Rezoning Support Material 
for December 2, 2014 City Plan Commission Meeting

During the public Hearing, several References were made to the Viewshed Analysis. For reference, The Following excerpt from the May 14, 2014 Open House is available:

The City of Richardson is creating a strategy for redevelopment and revitalization of Main Street and the Central Expressway Corridor–Richardson’s original downtown and the major access route to the community, its business areas and neighborhoods. This project implements the 2009 Richardson Comprehensive Plan, which identified the Main Street area and the Central Expressway Corridor as two of six target redevelopment zones. For the purpose of this project, the two zones were combined into a single study area, which is now referred to as the Main Street/Central Expressway Corridor.

Market Analysis and Vision Study (Phase 1)

The first phase of the project evaluated existing zoning and land use; transportation and utilities; physical constraints and assets; building and property characteristics; and market demand. With this information as background, the study team worked with stakeholders to incorporate their desires for the Corridor into a vision for the future. 

In December 2012 and January 2013, the final report and recommendation were presented at the the conclusion of the first phase—a market analysis and vision study. Input from a series of community meetings, individual and small group interviews, a focus group workshop and online surveys and questionnaires was incorporated and played an important role in shaping the community’s vision for the future of the Main Street/Central Expressway Corridor.

The resulting vision for the future divided the 415-acre study area into 11 sub-districts, each with a redevelopment theme based on current conditions and surroundings, future market potential and the opportunity to develop a unique character. 

Rezoning Initiative (Phase 2)

Building on the Market Analysis and Vision Study, the second phase of the project is a rezoning initiative for four sub-districts at the core of the initial Corridor area—Central Place, Main Street, Interurban, and Chinatown. The four sub-districts represent approximately 162 acres out of the larger 415-acre Corridor area. The rezoning initiative will consist of creating new comprehensive development regulations for each of the four sub-districts. The Market Analysis and Vision Study provides the visions for each of the sub-districts, and zoning is the regulatory tool for assisting with implementing the visions. Below is additional information regarding each of the four sub-districts, including profile sheets that explain the vision for the respective sub-district.

Main Street

  • Properties bordering Belt Line Road/Main Street, between the DART rail corridor on the west and Abrams Road on the east. Phillips Street forms the southern boundary of the study area and the AT&T switching facility is the northern boundary.
  • Sub-District Profile Sheet

Central Place

  • East of Central Expressway: Properties along the northbound frontage road of Central Expressway, from Phillips Street to Greer Street. The study boundaries extend to the DART rail line on the east.
  • West of Central Expressway: Properties along the southbound frontage road of Central Expressway south of First United Methodist Church Richardson, excluding the Rustic Circle neighborhood, and extending south to, and including the Richardson Heights Shopping Center.
  • Sub-District Profile Sheet


  • Properties between Central Expressway on the west and DART's rail line on the east. Greer Street forms the southern boundary of the area with Rayflex Drive and Arapaho Road forming the northern boundaries.
  • Sub-District Profile Sheet


  • Properties between the DART rail corridor on the west and LaSalle Drive on the east. The AT&T switching facility (west of Greenville Avenue) and the property north of the Public Safety Complex (east of Greenville Avenue) are the southern boundaries with Apollo Road the northern boundary.
  • Sub-District Profile Sheet

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