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What has stayed the same?

  • All listed and nonlisted numbers are automatically in the system.
  • Residents who previously registered their VOIP telephone or cellular numbers will be put in the new system manually.
  • Residents who want the system to call a new (NOT PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED) VOIP or cellular number, will still need to register through the upgraded Self Registration Portal.
  • System still allows a recorded or computer generated voice message to be delivered to a specific area.
  • Citizens are still able to register multiple numbers for the same address (i.e. VOIP, multiple cellular numbers, work numbers, etc)

What's new with the upgraded system?

  • The system can now send an email and/or text message notification to citizens who register and send an Opt-In text as described on the Self Registration Portal.
  • The system can make notification much more quickly because it uses a national bank of telephone lines rather than 22 city-hosted and maintained telephone lines.

What are the benefits of Signing Up For Community Emergency Notification System?

The system allows you to receive emergency notifications that affect your home. You don't have to purchase any new equipment and you'll only be notified of emergencies that affect the vicinity where your home or business is located.

When is the System Tested?

The entire system is tested four times a year. 

What types of events could the system be activated for?

  • Missing / Abducted Child
  • Missing Elderly
  • VIPS/Fire Corp Activation
  • Chemical Spills / HAZMAT Emergencies / Gas Leaks
  • Evacuation
  • Crime related situation causing an immediate threat to a specific area
  • Public Health Concerns
  • Flooding (excluding flash flooding)
  • Drinking Water Contamination
  • Street Closing due to Emergency Conditions
  • Utility or Water Service Outages  
Last updated: 4/4/2014 10:08:25 AM