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Flandorfer, Lily, Student, People - ColorPhoto by  Lily Flandorfer (Category: People)



Huffhines staff SHOULD NOT be asked to determine the category for your image.

Abstract – Little or no pictorial representation; emphasis is on color, shape and spatial relationships.

Anything Goes - Got a great shot but it doesn't fit in any of the other categories? Submit it here!  

Cityscape/Architecture – Design and style of manmade structure(s) or object(s), taken either day or night, in a city setting. 

Experimental/Enhanced – The alteration of a scene or subject so that it is obviously unrealistic. The image being altered must begin as a single original photo taken by the contestant. Post production effects may be achieved by any means at the photographer’s disposal, as long as the result depicts a significant deviation from reality. 

Fabulous Flora – Flowers and plants in all their glory.

Comer, Jerry, Proficient, Color, Fabulous

Photo by Jerry Comer (Category - Fabulous Flora)

Garwood, Mark, Student, Zenith
Photo by Mark Garwood (Category - Abstract)

Furry Friends – Pets of any kind...furry or otherwise, and domestic animals or livestock.

It’s A Small World – Use your macro lens for a close up view. Think big, shoot small.

People – All ages, candids or formal portraits, group or individual...even selfies!

Photo Journalism – Photos in this category should tell a story or generate strong emotion. For this category only, you may attach a note with your entry form letting us know the story behind the story or emotion you captured.

Scenic/Landscapes – Natural scenes of land, with the various objects it contains. Whether close to home or in far away lands, capture the tranquility, marvel, majesty or intrigue of natural wonders and places.

Sports & Action – Caption all the motion and emotion of your favorite sports and activities.

Still Life – Inanimate objects, found or purposely arranged in a unique order.

Wildlife – Fascinating, admire-at-a-distance animals in any setting or habitat.

Wonderful Waterscapes – Scenes of water, natural or created, with the various objects it contains.
 Conard, Debbie, Adult, Photojournalism
Photo by Debbie Conard (Category - Photo Journalism)

Please remember Huffhines staff SHOULD NOT be asked to determine the category for your image. This must be the Photographer/Contestant’s decision.

 Busby, Carol, Adult, Wildlife, Caught Red
Photo by Carol Busby (Category - Wildlife)

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