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Flooded RoadFloods are one of the most common and widespread of natural disasters. Floods and flash floods can occur unexpectedly when intense storms drop heavy rains in brief periods, often with little or no warning. This can occur at any time of year in Texas. It is important to be prepared in case of emergency. Information regarding flood safety, flood protection and flood insurance is available to Richardson residents as a service of the City of Richardson’s floodplain management program and the Capital Projects/ Engineering Department.

What you can do: 

Take action to reduce The risk of flooding
Often property damage caused by localized flooding can be prevented by flood proofing buildings, lot grading or installation of drainage improvements. If requested, the City’s engineering staff can visit a property and evaluate flooding and erosion problems and advise property owners on actions they can take to alleviate existing problems or prevent future problems. Where flood prevention requires increasing the capacity of existing City storm drains, the improvements may be eligible for a future capital improvement program. Call the Capital Projects / Engineering Department to request assistance at 972-744-4280.

Be prepared and know what to do in case a severe storm or flood occurs
Maintain a battery operated flashlight and radio or television to monitor the latest storm information. Some roadways or bridges in Richardson and surrounding communities are prone to flooding during heavy rain events. Do not drive your car into high water. Cars can easily be swept away in just two feet of moving water. If water rises around your car, the car should be abandoned and the passengers should move to higher ground. Many of the deaths associated with floods occur as a result of vehicles and the passengers being washed off of roadways. Do not swim or boat in rain swollen creeks. Stay away from power lines and electrical wires. Following drowning, the number two cause of death during flooding is electrocution. In the event of a flood emergency, call 911.

Keep drainage ways clear of obstruction
Debris, fences, even dense vegetation can obstruct the flow of water in a stream or drainage way. During a heavy storm, these obstructions can lead to flooding. Construction, re-grading or fill near streams and drainage channel may require a City permit to ensure the project does not cause flooding problems. Of course, dumping in our streams is a violation of City ordinance. To report dumping, contact Community Services Department at 972-744-4166.

Ask questions about flood insurance coverageFlooded Car
Standard homeowner insurance does not cover damage due to flooding. However, all properties in Richardson are eligible for flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. The City’s engineering staff can assist you in determining if flood insurance is needed for your property. The engineering staff can provide information to owners, lenders and insurance providers regarding flood insurance rate maps and elevation certificates. Be aware flood insurance coverage does not take effect until 30 day following purchase of a policy. Contact your insurance agent for more information on rates and coverage.

Other services provided by the flood plain management program include storm drain system maintenance, regulation of floodplain development and preservation of open space.

Photo of flooded houses

Click here for Floodplain Map Information

If you have question regarding any of these services or other flood hazard issues, please call the City of Richardson Capital Projects/ Engineering Department at 972-744-4280.

Last updated: 1/31/2012 3:18:32 PM