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Kids Page
Meet some Animal Companions who live at the Richardson Animal Shelter
(These companions are NOT available for adoption)
Marvin is a Blue Crown Conure.
Marvin has a pretty good vocabulary. He can say things like "pretty bird", "polly want a cracker", and "hello", but his favorite saying is "What are you doing?"  Marvin has been at the shelter for nearly 13 years!  Come and say hello!
Sassy is a Lesser Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo. 
The person that originally found Sassy thought she was a chicken! Hmmm... I guess she kind of looks a little like a chicken... Well, maybe not! Sassy is quite a show off. She loves to sing and dance and is very entertaining. Sassy can talk too! She says things like "hello" and "what are you doing?", but her favorite saying is "Pretty Bird!!".
Scooter is an American Dutch Rabbit.
He was given to his previous owner as a gift. Rather than refuse the gift the people kept him. After a short while, they realized that they were not prepared to offer a good home to Scooter, so they brought him to us. You should never give a live animal as a gift without the receiving person's knowledge.  Lucky for Scooter, the family brought him to us to care for. Not all rabbits are as fortunate! Scooter is a very sweet rabbit and loves to be petted.
Chilly is a Chinchilla.
She is very friendly and likes to play!  She has a unique way of taking a bath. She uses dust! She gets into her little 'dust box' and will roll around in there just like a bird would in a bird bath! The dust baths help keep her coat soft and silky smooth!
Slinky is our ferret. 
He likes to play a lot! He will bat a ball around just like a kitten! His favorite place to be is sleeping in his hammock.
Whenever we let him out of his cage to play, we have to watch him very closely. Ferrets are part of the weasel family, and they get into EVERYTHING!
Daphne is an Albino California Kingsnake. 
She is very friendly, and will let you hold her as she tries to move around in your arms.  Did you know that Kingsnakes really are the 'Kings' of snakes?  In their natural habitat, Kingsnakes sometimes prey on poisonous snakes!  They are immune to the venom of indigenous poisonous snakes.
Velma is a Ball Python.
Her previous owner was moving away to go to school and could not take her with him, so he asked us if we could find her a nice home.
Velma is very friendly!  She likes to be held and bathe in the sun.
Fred is a Corn Snake.
He was found slithering across the street in west Richardson.  He was probably someone's pet who had escaped.  Since Fred's owner never claimed him, we decided to keep him as our pet.
Fred is pretty easy-going and laid back. He will let you pick him up and sometimes he even enjoys being handled.
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