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Outdoor Siren Test Today at Noon

Post Date:02/05/2018 11:27 AM

On Wednesday, February 7, 2018, in addition to the normal Outdoor Warning System (OWS) test conducted at 12 pm, the Office of Emergency Management will be doing additional maintenance work on several sirens in preparation for the upcoming spring weather season. Due to the mechanical nature of the work, contractors may need to perform what is called a "growl" test on these units which is a lower pitch, very short duration tone. It is likely that most residents will not notice the additional tones; however, we wanted to provide information ahead of time to avoid confusion or concern by anyone who may hear the sound. If you have any questions related to this additional testing, please contact Emergency Management Coordinator Mistie Gardner at or 972-744-0900.

The list of impacted sirens is below:

  • Siren 2: 4151 Binley Drive
  • Siren 10: 2010 Prairie Creek Drive
  • Siren 11: 2498 N. Plano Road
  • Siren 13: 710 E. Collins Blvd
  • UTD Sirens 1,2 and 3: UTD Campus
  • Siren 15: 1300 Melrose
  • Siren 16: 121 Mimosa Drive
  • Siren 19: 999 S. St. Johns Drive
  • Siren 22: 150 E. Spring Valley Road
  • Richland College (RC) Sirens 23, 24: Richland College Campus

We have attached a map showing the normal coverage area for each of these sirens along with the potentially impacted HOAs. Keep in mind, only those in very close proximity to each siren may notice the "growl" tones.

Siren Coverage HOA map

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