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Richardson Weather Response

Morning commuters urged to avoid the area as emergency services work to clear and repair major thoroughfares.

Post Date:10/21/2019 2:47 AM


Morning commuters urged to avoid the area as emergency services work to clear and repair major thoroughfares.

(Richardson, TX) – Road crews are working to clear blocked roadways of debris and to repair down traffic lights as soon as possible but major thoroughfares used by thousands of morning commuters will be closed while the repair work is underway.

Major roads currently closed and under repair are:

  • Centennial Blvd. between Bowser Rd. and Grove Rd.
  • Abrams Rd. between Buckingham Rd. and Park Bend Dr.
  • Bowser Rd. between Centennial Blvd. and Buckingham Rd.
  • Coit Rd. at Spring Valley Rd (open but treated as a 4-way stop)


 Close abrams

 Others close

Current Activities

Emergency service workers have completed search and rescue activities and continue to focus on damage assessment. More information on overall damage will be available once the sun rises in the morning. No injuries have been reported.

Power Outages – Possible School Impacts

Oncor reports power outages to more than 7,000 customers throughout the city with approximately 4,200 customers located in Richardson’s most impacted areas in the southcentral part of the city. Several of the areas without power include area school campuses. Residents with children attending a local school are recommended to check with their campus to see if the campus attendance schedule has been impacted.

Power Restoration Home Safety Concerns

If tree limbs have fallen on the service power line to your home contact an electrician as soon as possible. Lines inside structures may be damaged which can start a fire when power is restored. Signs of damaged electrical wiring inside a structure include popping sounds when power is restored. You may also smell material burning. Call 911 if you notice these signs.

Other Safety Actions

There are multiple reports of damaged gas mains and downed power lines. Anyone who comes in contact with the smell of gas should immediately vacate the area and to contact 911. All power lines should be treated as though they are active and avoided.

Residents Reporting Damage

Residents needing to report an emergency should call 911. Residents are asked to call the City’s non-emergency 24-hour response line at 972-744-4111 to report down trees or other damage.

Brush and Bulky Item Collection

Brush And Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) can be requested by calling the 24-hour Response Center at 972-744-4111, using the City’s MyRichardson mobile app or online at Crews will be working overtime during the next few weeks to catch up to all of the calls for debris pickup throughout the city. Work crews ask that you please be patient as you wait for service.

Trash and Recycling

Trash and recycling crews are working their normal Monday routes today, but there may be some delays due to yesterday’s storm. The Monday routes include areas of southwest Richardson, which sustained some of the most severe damage. Crews will be working overtime to complete as much as possible before sunset and will start again first thing tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. to complete collection in any areas missed today. If your home is one of the properties missed today, please leave your trash and recycling bags out at your normal collection spot and it will be picked up as quickly as possible. Please call our 24-hour response line at 972-744-4111 for any further questions about collection service.

Scam Awareness Urged in Storm Aftermath

After any storm that causes widespread damage there is usually an increase in workers going door-to-door or calling on the phone to offer repairs and cleanup work, and some may be scam artists. Emergency workers recommend taking the following steps before signing any contracts:

  • Get more than one estimate for repairs
  • Do NOT prepay contractors for services, materials, retainers or deposits
  • Read contract details and don’t sign anything that adds a lien on your property
  • Be sure to verify all contractors, and be extra cautious if they have out-of-state plates—check ratings, references and the Better Business Bureau
  • Make sure contractors are registered with the City of Richardson (click here  for a list)

Sometimes, scam or “fake” charities will solicit donations in a community hit by a storm—be sure to give to local charities you know. If someone approaches you in a parking lot explaining they have been displaced by the storm and need assistance, refer them to a local charity such as Network of Community Ministries, 741 S. Sherman St.

Sources For More Information

More information will be released as it becomes available. Residents can follow updates on the following social media sites: