Adoptable Animals

There is a wide selection of animals to adopt from the Shelter. The Shelter places new animals up for adoption daily but not all of the adoptable pets are posted on this website. You can call or visit us if you’re looking for a particular pet.

Lost and Found Animals

The Animal Shelter provides online databases for reporting animals that have been lost or found in and around Richardson.

Help donate to the Richardson Animal Shelter

Support the Animal Shelter. Donate Today!
Six to eight million animals enter pet shelters each year, and only about 5,000 shelters exist to help these animals. Your donation will help to purchase blankets, litter boxes, nursing bottles and more to help animals in need. Learn More

Chip Your PetChipping Your Animal Is Not Enough
80% of all stray animals with identity chips will not be returned to their families because of outdated or non-existent contact information associated with the chip. Ask Animal Services representative for more details. Microchipping available at the shelter for $15, no appointment necessary.

About the Animal Shelter

The Richardson Animal Shelter is an open adoption facility, and we welcome everyone to visit us. We encourage interaction between our visitors and adoptable pets.

The adoptable animals look forward to daily visits and socialization by our volunteers and visitors. The Richardson Shelter is passionate about rescuing, protecting and relocating pets to new homes. The Shelter received three Texas Animal Control Association “Humane Educators Awards “ for its community involvement and education activities.

Some concerns Animal Services addresses include:

  • Lost and Found Animals
  • Microchip your pet for only $15 dollars at the Shelter!
  • Rabies control and other zoonotic diseases
  • Ownership limitation requirements
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Stray and/or abandoned animals
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Neglected/abused animals
  • Public education
  • Enforcement of City, State, and Federal laws
  • Other animal-related issues, including wildlife & livestock