Adoptable Animals

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Adoptable Animals

Visit the Richardson Animal Shelter and Animals Shelter website for a wide selection of adoptable animals. The shelter places new animals on the website for adoption daily but contact or visit the shelter to see every animal. If you're looking for a particular pet, do not hesitate contacting the shelter.


Requirements for Adoption Cats and Dogs
  • Adult Dogs (Older than 6 months) - $25
  • Adult Cats (Older than 6 months) - $15
  • Puppies (6 months or younger) - $35
  • Kittens (6 months or younger) - $20

* All adoptions require a signed contract stating you will vaccinate for rabies and spay/neuter each animal adopted (if the animal has not had these already completed).

*Proof of rabies vaccination and spay/neuter must be provided to the Animal Shelter before the due date on contract. Do not rely on your veterinarian to send in the information for you. We suggest bringing in proof in person. If this is not possible, you may fax or mail it to us.

* The Richardson Animal Shelter currently has a Part-time Veterinarian for shelter pets only. We provide general vaccinations and basic care for the animals to the best of our ability. We cannot guarantee the health of each animal adopted. It is the responsibility of the adopter to have the animal thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian.

Adopter must be 18 years old with Valid Identification.