Pet License

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All dogs and cats 4 months and older must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and then must be registered with the City of Richardson Animal Shelter.

Pets younger than 4 months cannot be registered until they have been vaccinated.

Your pet must wear its current City registration tag on its collar, and wear its collar at all times.  These tags are vital if your pet is lost or injured. Registration for pets owned by senior citizens (65 and older) is free.


Sterilized Pet Unsterilized Pet
1 year vaccination $5.00 $10.00
3 year vaccination $15.00 $30.00


Several options are available for you to register your pet and obtain a City tag.  You may register your pet online, via regular mail, in person, or at your residence by appointment. 


To register your pet online, please click on the Register Online Button:
You will need: 
1. Your pets current rabies vaccination certificate
2. Credit/debit card for payment

Owner and pet information is stored to make it quicker and easier to register your pet in the future.  A City tag will be mailed to you upon verification and acceptance of the information submitted.