2013 - 2014 Budget

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General Fund Expenditures Chart
General Funds Expenditures Chart

The graphic above represents operating expenditures (including salaries and benefits) broken down by category of service.

Public Safety
Includes Police, Fire and Emergency Management.

General Government
Includes Budget, City Manager's Office, City Secretary, Communications, Facilities Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Services and non-departmental expenses.

Development Services
Includes Capital Projects, Planning, Development and Engineering.

Community Services
Includes Building Inspection, Code Enforcement and Environmental Services.

General Fund Revenue Chart
General Fund Revenue Chart
General Property Taxes

Taxes levied on real and business personal property

Sales and Other Business Taxes
A $0.01 per dollar tax collected by retailers on the sale of goods and services within the City as well as business taxes on mixed beverages and bingo.

Franchise Fees
Charges to utility companies operating within the City limits for use of the City's rights of way

General and Administrative Transfers
Transfers between several different types of funds in support of the general fund to ensure equity in cost sharing.

Other Revenue
Fees from the cable TV franchise, ambulance service and 9-1-1 service.

  Fines and Forfeits

Revenue from a wide variety of fines and forfeits, including citations, overdue library books, misdemeanor violations of state law and other sources.

Recreation and Leisure
Fees collected at rec centers, pools, tennis center, concessions, festivals, etc.

License and Permits
Numerous fees including but not limited to building permits, childcare permits, alarm system permits, animal license and shelter fees and apartment inspection fees.

Revenue from Money/Property
Revenue from interest earnings on the City's bank and investment accounts.