Express Permitting

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Express Permitting Program
The City of Richardson's Building Inspection Department is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience by streamlining and simplifying the permit submittal process. The Express Permitting program guarantees a plan review time of 3 business days from the date of submittal for small business owners and projects.

Does your project qualify?

Criteria for Express Permitting

  • Tenant finish-outs and interior remodel projects of 5,000 square feet or less for business/professional offices and retail occupancies where hazardous materials are not stored, used or dispensed.
  • Exterior remodels that do not increase the square footage of the building or increase the height requiring development or zoning review.
    • Examples may include façade enhancements, reroofs, roof repair, etc...
  • Any other project specifically authorized by the Building Official.

Submittal Requirements

  • Commercial building permit application
  • City approved site plan if applicable
  • Two (2) key plans (lease space in relation to the building)
  • Two (2) floor plans (with all proposed work denoted)
  • Two (2) sets of plans including; mechanical, electrical and/or plumbing plans (must be sufficient to illustrate the full scope of proposed work)
  • Two (2) complete lighting, envelope and/or mechanical energy calculations if required (Comcheck)
  • Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) - TDLR Confirmation page (unless exempt)
  • Asbestos survey (if required)
  • Additional plans as required by the Building Official

If you have any questions, please contact Plans examiner, Jennifer Patrick at 972-744-4195 or via email at Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.