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Swimming Pool / Spa / Hot Tub
Permit Application

Permit Fee Schedule

Permits are required for all pools, spas and hot tubs with water over 24" deep, whether above or below ground. Electrical and plumbing permits and inspections are required when any electrical or plumbing work is performed.

All plumbing work is to be done by a licensed plumber, registered with the City of Richardson and in accordance with the International Plumbing Code. All electrical work is to be done by a master electrician, licensed with the City of Richardson, and in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

Pool plans (3 sets) must be approved by Oncor prior to submitting for permit.

  • Above ground pools (homeowners)- Please call 888-222-8045
  • In-ground pools (contractors) - 1545 High Pointe, Mesquite, TX

The plans must include the following:

  • A scaled drawing of the entire backyard area of the property with the house, driveway, accessory buildings, proposed pool shape and dimensions, deck, diving and swim boards, equipment, fencing, retaining walls, gates, etc. shown. Denote the dimensions from the pool and equipment to the property lines and the house.
  • Show the location of the gas meter, gas line, electric line and backwash line (as appropriate). If the lot has an easement then a full plot plan of the property is required.
  • A cross-sectional view of the pool with the depths indicated.

Pools, spas, hot tubs and related equipment may be located anywhere behind the front building line and a minimum distance of three feet from any other property line. They may not be located in any area which cannot be fenced in accordance with the city fence regulations. For protection of the house foundation, the closest point of the pool bowl must be a minimum 1:1 slope from the bottom of the house foundation.

A separate permit is required for the fence. A temporary fence is required to be maintained upon excavation and until the permanent fence is installed. The fence must be a minimum of 48" high with no opening greater than 4" in any direction. All gates must have approved self-closing and self-latching devices in the upper quarter of the gate.

The permit must be approved and posted at the property prior to any work commencing. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact Building Inspection at 972-744-4174 or email your questions or concerns to Building Inspection. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.