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Construction Types

Sec. 18-2. - Definitions. 

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

Abandoned Sign

means a sign that depicts or refers to a product, business, service, activity, condition or occupation which has changed in such a manner that the sign no longer properly or appropriately identifies or describes said product, business, service, activity, condition or occupation, which no longer exists at the location referred to in the sign, or no longer exists or operates at any location.


means to change the size, shape or outline, copy, nature of message, intent or type of sign.


means the Sign Control Board.

Bulletin Board

means a sign containing information where a portion of such information may be periodically changed, providing that such change shall be effected by the replacement or interchange of letters, numbers, or other graphic symbols by insertion, attachment or similar means. The use of slate, chalkboard, cardboard or similar material with pencil, chalk, crayon or similar types of marking is prohibited.


means logos, characters, symbols or any other portion of a sign which conveys a message or information.

Director of Community Services

means the officer or person within the city charged with the administration and enforcement of this chapter.


means to build, construct, attach, hang, place suspend or affix, and shall also include the painting of signs on the exterior surface of a building or structure, and also includes the painting or affixing of signs to the exterior or interior surface of windows, and includes signs located interior to a building but readily visible from the exterior.

Facing or Surface

means the surface or surfaces of the sign upon, against or through which the message is displayed or illustrated on the sign.


means any major thoroughfare where right-of-way is 250 feet or greater and so designated by the city master street plan.

Illuminated Sign

means any sign which has characters, letters, figures, designs or outline illuminated directly or indirectly by electric lights, luminous tubes or other means.


means any plant materials including, but not limited to, live trees, shrubs, groundcovers, grass, flowers, and native landscape materials; also including, but not limited to, inorganic features such as planters, stone, brick, and aggregate forms, water, or other landscape elements approved by the Director of Community Services.


means any design, insignia or other marking of a company, business or product, which is used in advertising to identify the company, business or product.

Monument Sign

means any sign that is contiguous to the ground and not elevated above grade by use of poles, struts, or wires and has no clear space for the full width of the sign between the bottom of the sign and the surface of the ground. A monument sign may include a sign face, sign structure, a sign base and sign cap.

Noncombustible Material

means any material which will not ignite at or below a temperature of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and will not continue to burn or glow at that temperature or shall have a flame spread of 25 or less.

Outdoor Structure

means anything constructed or erected which requires a permanent location on the ground or which is attached to something having a fixed location on the ground, designed and intended to provide identity, decoration or protection from the elements, including, but not limited to, supporting walls, canopies, awnings, porte-cocheres, appurtenances or other permitted structures as determined by the Director of Community Services.

Projecting Structures

means covered structures of a permanent nature which are constructed of approved building material, specifically excluding canvas or fabric material, and where such structures are an integral part of the main building or permanently attached to a main building and do not extend over public property. "Projecting structures" includes marquee, canopy and fixed-awning-type of structures.


means the height which is defined by the intersection of the roof of the building and the wall of the building; except, for mansard-type roofs, the "roof line" means the top of the lower slope of the roof. Roofs with parapet walls completely around the building and not exceeding four feet in height may be considered as the "roof line" for the purposes of this chapter.


means an outdoor structure, display, light device, figure, painting, drawing, message, plaque, poster, billboard, name, announcement, insignia, banner, mural, description, logo, illustration, neon tube or other thing that is designed, intended or used to advertise or inform about an activity, place, product, person, organization, business or other legally-permitted service.

Sign, On-Premises

means a sign identifying or advertising a business, person, organization, activity, event, place, service or product on the same premises as the business, person, organization, activity, event, place, service or product that is principally located or primarily sold or manufactured.

Sign, Off-Premises

means a sign identifying or advertising a business, person, organization, activity, event, place, service or product not principally located or primarily manufactured or sold on the premises on which the sign is located.

Structural Trim

means the molding, battens, cappings, nailing strips, latticing and platforms which are attached to the sign structure.


means any automobile, truck, camper, tractor, van, trailer or any device capable of being transported and shall be considered a "vehicle" in both moving and stationary modes, irrespective of state of repair or condition.