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Fall Early 2020


Construction Manager at Risk for Public Safety Campus Improvement
RFQ2016-1 Spring 2020 Lee Lewis Construction Jim Dulac
West Spring Valley Rehabilitation    Ragle Construction  Brad Bernhard
2015 Residential Sidewalk Replacement Program Region 2 82-18  Winter 2020 Cam-Crete Contracting, Inc.  David Cruz 
Annual Pavement Repair Contract for Residential Roads  78-18  Early 2020 Estrada Concrete Co. LLC  Walt Ellwood
Annual Pavement Repair Contract for Arterial Roads  79-18  Early 2020 Estrada Concrete Co. LLC   Walt Ellwood 
Paving and Pedestrian Improvements to East Renner Road  01-19  Early 2020 Axis Contracting, Inc.  Edward Witkowsk
Alley Reconstruction & Utility Rehabilitation Project (Pacific, Fairview, Ocean Alleys) 44-19  Spring 2020  KIK Underground, LLC  David Cruz 
Construction Manager at Risk for Fire Station 3 Project    Spring 2020  CORE Construction  Brad Bernhard 
Dorothy Drive Paving, Drainage and Utility Improvements  65-19  Fall 2020  Quality Excavation, LTD  Michael Groves 
Alley Replacement - Willow Crest Drive & Fair Oaks Drive and Syracuse Drive  75-19  Winter 2019  HQS Construction, LLC  Moses Ogolla 
Main Street Reconstruction   903-19  903-19  Rebcon, Inc.  Dan Tracy 
Lookout Lift Station  and Force Main Replacement 905-19 Fall 2020  North Texas Contracting, Inc.  Padma Patla 
Annual Pavement Repair Contract for Collector Roads  84-19  Fall 2020  Estrada Concrete Co. LLC & HQS Construction   Walt Ellwood 
Senior Center Renovation 2020-01  Spring 2021  Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC Ray Ginther 
Breckinridge Park Trail Connections  20-20  Summer 2020  North Rock Construction, LLC  Kurt Beilharz
Northside 1.0 Million Gallon Elevated Storage Tank  01-20  Spring 2021  Landmark Structures I, L.P.  Moses Ogolla 
Women's Club Ramp Redevelopment    Spring 2020  CORE Construction   Ray Ginther 


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