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Annual Contract for Alley Repair Program 45-18  Summer 2019 Advance Contracting Group, LLC Walt Ellwood 
Annual Contract for Alley Repair Program  45-18  Summer 2019  Estrada Concrete Co. LLC  Walt Ellwood  
Construction Manager at Risk for Public Safety Campus Improvement
RFQ2016-1 Spring 2020 Lee Lewis Construction Jim Dulac
Pinehurst/Lakeview and Utility Reconstruction III  64-18 Summer 2019 Axis Contracting, Inc. Henry Drexel
2015 Street Rehabilitation Phase I & II  63-18  Spring 2019 Axis Contracting, Inc.  Brad Bernhard

Parkview Estates Alley Project  61-18 Spring 2019  Muniz Construction, Inc.  David McFadden 
Prairie Creek Erosion Control Project  57-18 Spring 2019  Austin Filter Systems, Inc.  David McFadden 
West Spring Valley Rehabilitation   Summer 2019 Ragle Construction  Henry Drexel
2015 Residential Sidewalk Replacement Program Region 2 82-18  Fall 2019 Cam-Crete Contracting, Inc.  David Cruz 
Belt Line at Inge Drive Street Improvement    60-18 Spring 2019  Tiseo Paving Company  Edward Witkowski  
Annual Pavement Repair Contract for Residential Roads  78-18  Fall 2019  Estrada Concrete Co. LLC  Walt Ellwood
Annual Pavement Repair Contract for Arterial Roads  79-18  Fall 2019  Estrada Concrete Co. LLC   Walt Ellwood 
Annual Pavement Repair Contract for Collector Roads  80-18  Fall 2019  EJ Smith Construction, LLC  Walt Ellwood 
Park Restroom Roof Replacement   via NCPA Contract  Winter 2018  Progressive Roofing  George Berney  
Cottonwood Park Restroom   via Buyboard  Spring 2019 GameTime   Kurt Beilharz  
Cottonwood Park Restroom via Buyboard  Spring 2019 Public Restroom Company  Kurt Beilharz  
Cottonwood Park Inclusive Playground  via Buyboard  Spring 2019 Henneberger Construction, Inc.  Kurt Beilharz  
Centennial Tower & W. Lookout Drive Valve Replacement
 31-19 Spring 2019  John Burns Construction Company of Texas  Moses Ogolla 
Alley Reconstruction & Utility Rehabilitation Project (Pacific, Fairview, Ocean Alleys) 44-19  Fall 2019  KIK Underground, LLC  David Cruz 
Construction Manager at Risk for Fire Station 3 Project    Spring 2020  CORE Construction  Brad Bernhard 
2019 Open Channel Maintenance   43-19 Spring 2019  Iron T Construction  Michael Groves 


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