Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program

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Sidewalk maintenance, by City ordinance, is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.  Richardson's Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program assists residential property owners with that maintenance as funding permits. 

City-funded residential sidewalk rehabilitation is made on a regional basis to promote cost-effective construction practices, simplify project inspection and management, and minimize questions and uncertainty regarding project scope within a neighborhood.

Unlike previous sidewalk rehabilitation projects, it is not necessary to be "on the list" to get sidewalk maintenance assistance. All qualifying rehabilitations will be marked at the time of construction.

The City of Richardson assists residents with sidewalk maintenance in several ways:

  • Pedestrians with disabilities can request assistance along non-accessible routes in the public right-of-way. Richardson evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis and assists accordingly.
  • Limited sidewalk improvements are often performed in conjunction with Pavement Rehabilitation and other Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Richardson’s Neighborhood Vitality Program assists residential neighborhoods with sidewalk maintenance on a regional basis as funding permits.
  • The City provides contact information for contractors familiar with Richardson’s construction specifications and permitting processes. Contractors wishing to be added to the reference list can contact Capital Projects at 972-744-4280.
  • The City waives the Miscellaneous Concrete Rehabilitation Permit Fee when sidewalk improvements are performed at the property owner’s expense.

Photo of sidewalkOther Sidewalk Rehabilitation Considerations
The 2015 Bond Program funding for sidewalk rehabilitation will complete the first cycle through all 27 Sidewalk Rehabilitation Regions. Qualifying defects that have since occurred in previously completed regions at this time lack funding for City assistance.

As these last remaining regions are completed, staff will reassess sidewalk rehabilitation needs citywide and update the current program to best address identified needs. Some residents may need to consider addressing more immediate safety concerns sooner.

Residents can obtain a list of sidewalk rehabilitation contractors via fax or e-mail if they don’t know whom to call, and Richardson waives the Miscellaneous Concrete Rehabilitation Permit Fee for sidewalk improvements. Some improvements could be as simple as a temporary cement patching material, or grinding process, that helps transition vertical separations.

Richardson does not offer a matching fund participation program in order to direct all available sidewalk rehabilitation funding to the worst rated regions first.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program Criteria
Not all sidewalk defects qualify for improvements. Vertical Separations (Trip Hazards) exceeding one inch or Surface Spalling exceeding 40% of a panel’s surface are the minimum criteria required to qualify for rehabilitation when funding is available.

Sidewalk Separation