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Food & Beverage
The lessee and/or caterer of its choosing in accordance with the alcohol and/or catering policies may bring in food and beverage. The lessee is totally responsible for its food and beverage service and shall hold lessor harmless for all liability, illness, or any damages arising from lessee bringing such items into the center itself or through its caterer. Moreover, lessee shall be responsible for cleanup. The caterer or lessee must setup and breakdown within the rental period outlined on the client rental contract.

Cooking of food material is prohibited. The kitchen(s) and facilities shall be used only for preparation of such food material.

Selling food on the property or any type of concession is not allowed without prior approval from the Civic Center Manger.

Alcohol Policy
Any and all use of alcoholic beverages must be in strict conformance with the Alcoholic Beverage Code of the State of Texas. No money or tickets may be exchanged for alcohol. A cash bar is not allowed. B.Y.O.B is not allowed.

The serving of alcohol at any party or event given in honor of a minor is prohibited.

If there is any misrepresentation of the type of event being held, Lessor will immediately remove Lessee and guests from the premises and withhold all fees for violation of this policy. The withholding of such fees under such circumstances shall not be and is not intended as a penalty but is, instead, a reasonable forecast of probable damages resulting from Lessor's deprivation of such fees from an alternate lessee.

Security in the form of off-duty Richardson Police Officer(s) will be required anytime alcohol is served. The Civic Center Manager will determine the number of officers. Security will be present from the time the first guest's is scheduled to arrive until the lease expires.

Catering Policy
The Richardson Civic Center offers four different catering options.

  1. An event coordinator can handle a client’s food and beverage request.
  2. The client can chose a purveyor from the “Approved Caterer’s List.” 
  3. For a flat fee of $300, a client may choose a caterer not on the approved list. In order to use a caterer not on the approved list the lessee’s must sign an addendum to their contact and said caterer must produce a health certificate and add the Civic Center as additionally insured on their policy. 
  4. For a $25, $50 or $100 fee, depending on the room, a lessee may bring in the following, all of which must be purchased from a store.
    • Pizza 
    • Donuts or Bagels 
    • Dessert 
    • Coffee, soda or bottled water

No Fruit, cheese, meat trays are allowed, these must be catered.

No potluck meals or homemade items may be brought into or served at the Richardson Civic Center, either by the lessee, guests, representatives or its sub-contractors.

 Approved Caterers    
 Aboca's Italian    972-231-7500
 Apollonia's Italian    469-209-0500
 Chocolate Angel    972-234-8099 
 Chili's    972-680-9990
 Culinary Affairs    972-690-7078
 Festive Kitchen    972-437-1523
 Kathy's Choice    972-234-3122
 La Madeleine    972-671-4887
 Main Street Bistro    972-578-0294
 My House Catering    972-818-2460
 Pappas Catering    972-669-0364
 Royal Catering    972-437-1466
 The String Bean    972-385-3287
 Tavern on Main Street    972-235-8667
 Tejano Brothers     214-647-4899
 Venezia Italian Cafe         972-889-8559
 Sonny Bryans Smokehouse    972-664-9494
 Spring Creek BBQ    817-493-5232
 Ten50            469-930-0461
 Woody B's Mesquite BBQ    214-295-2892
 Mumtaz Indian Restaurant    214-575-2100
 Kirin Court                    214-575-8888
 Cafe' Brazil                972-783-9011
 Chiloso's Mexican Bistro    972-207-6222
 El Chico Cafe    972-238-0011
 Frankies Mexican Cuisine    972-231-8667
 Mo's To Go        469-899-6600
 Corner Bakery    972-407-9131
 Jason's Deli    972-437-9156
 Jersey Mike's    972-994-9900
 Jimmy John's    972-234-6938
 Quiznos    214-459-2050
 Subway    972-803-1333
 Domino's Pizza    469-471-4588
 Golden Chick    972-437-9977
 I Fratelli Pizza            972-807-6243
 Little Greek Restaurant    972-234-9191
 Luna Grill    855-835-5862
 Olive Burger     972-231-5842
 Snappy Salads    972-792-7627
 Taco Joint        469-547-2651
 Zoe's Kitchen        972-907-1622