Event Signage and Parking

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Signs must be placed a minimum of five (5) feet back from the curb, and are to meet the following requirements: 

  • Frame sizes are 3’x 4’ or 2’x 3’ or 18” x 24” which must be aluminum and painted black.
  • The Civic Center does stock the following frames: (8) @ 3’x 4’ (4) @ 2’x 3’ (3)@ 18” x 24”
  • Any combination of the frame sizes may be place in the seven (7) designated spots
  • The inserts can be either aluminum or coroplast.
  • Inserts must be approved by the leasing office and purchased by the lessee.
  • Signs may be erected only during contracted periods and are to be removed immediately upon conclusion of the event.
  • Signs may go up at 6:00 p.m. the day before the first contracted date as long as no other event has signage present.
  • Moving, flashing, animated, revolving, or similar signs shall not be allowed.
  • No cloth, paper, banner, flag, balloon or other similar advertising matter shall be permitted to be attached, suspended from or allowed to hang loose from any sign.
  • No signs attached to an automobile, vehicle, trailer, skid or similar mobile structure, where the primary use of such structure is for sign purposes, will be permitted.

Event Signs



  • Overnight parking of motor homes, travel trailers or campers on city property is prohibited.
  • Vehicles or trailers’ taking up multiple spaces in the South parking lot is prohibited.
  • Parking in Council or Mayor space(s) is prohibited.
  • Vendor parking in the Library lot is prohibited. 
  • Violators are subject to towing at owner’s expense.

Trailer Parking