Time Warner/ Richardson Channel 16

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CITV can be found on Time Warner, Channel 16 in Richardson and on ATT U-Verse, Channel 99.

City Council meetings are broadcast live every Monday night starting at 6 p.m. (except holidays and the fifth Monday of each month), and are re-broadcast throughout the week.

Additional programming is broadcast at the top of each hour until council meetings begin. Please check www.cor.net/citv for more information. Between programs, a video bulletin board displays information about activities and events in Richardson, including: contact information, meeting schedules, festival dates, job listings, restaurant inspection scores and special notices.


City Council Meetings

  • 6 PM Monday (live)
  • 12 PM Wednesday (re-broadcast)
  • 6 PM Thursday (re-broadcast)
  • 6 PM Friday (re-broadcast)
  • Noon Sunday (re-broadcast)

City Planning Commission Meetings

  • 7 PM Tuesday (Live)
  • 8 AM Thursday (re-broadcast)
  • Noon Saturday (re-broadcast)