Reason for Removal

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Disrepair of Banner
To maintain the quality and integrity of the banner program, banners must remain in good condition as defined in the “Banner Condition Standards” below. The Applicant will be notified if any banner is found to be in poor condition or disrepair and it will be removed at the discretion of the City of Richardson.

When a banner is identified to no longer meet the program’s condition standards, designated City staff will notify the applicant of the banner location and the City will remove the banner. The City will install replacement banners if requested, but the $50 installation fee will apply.

Banner Condition Standards

  • No visible rips or tears.
  • No loose pieces or stretched/sagging material.
  • No excess fading. Colors should not be noticeably different than original colors.
  • Material surfaces should be clean. Banners with excess dirt or other debris may be cleaned and reused provided it meets all other banner condition standards.