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Latest Updates

  • The following building inspection services are being provided to properties impacted by the Oct. 20 tornado: express construction permitting, waiving of building permit fees, waiving of fees for water re-connection, extended hours for inspections.

  • The deadline to apply for economic injury claims from the Small Business Administration (SBA) is Aug. 14, 2020.

Damage Assessment Figures:

Total Properties in impact zone: 3,117 
Structures Destroyed: 12 
Major Structural Damage: 60
Minor Structural Damage: 206
Other Impacts: 671 
Rendered Uninhabitable: 54 single-family homes; 196 multi-family units
Not Impacted: 2,168

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New Tax Notices To Be Mailed To Impacted Properties

The Dallas County Commissioners Court authorized the Dallas County Appraisal District (DCAD) to reappraise properties damaged by the Oct. 20 tornado that impacted Richardson and North Dallas. Both the City and School District have also already passed similar relief. 

People whose property was impacted by the tornado can expect to eventually see a new tax bill that will reflect any change in the prorated value, or refund if the bill has already been paid.

People with questions about their property tax bill can e-mail or contact DCAD at 214-631-0910.

People Seeking Ways To Donate Money/Food/Clothing
The Network of Community Ministries is a philanthropic partner that works with the City of Richardson and provides food, clothing and other forms of assistance to those in need. The Network is requesting monetary, food and clothing donations to assist those in the tornado impacted areas and has volunteer opportunities for people wishing to donate time to stock food shelves or separate donated supplies. Additionally, the agency also has case managers who can assist individuals to find access to long-term support services.

The Network of Community Ministries ( is located at 741 S Sherman St, Richardson, TX 75081.

Scam Awareness Urged in Storm Aftermath

After any storm that causes widespread damage there is usually an increase in workers going door-to-door or calling on the phone to offer repairs and cleanup work, and some may be scam artists. Emergency workers recommend taking the following steps before signing any contracts:

  • Get more than one estimate for repairs
  • Do NOT prepay contractors for services, materials, retainers or deposits
  • Read contract details and don’t sign anything that adds a lien on your property
  • Be sure to verify all contractors, and be extra cautious if they have out-of-state plates—check ratings, references and the Better Business Bureau
  • Make sure contractors are registered with the City of Richardson (click here for a list)

Sometimes, scam or “fake” charities will solicit donations in a community hit by a storm—be sure to give to local charities you know. If someone approaches you in a parking lot explaining they have been displaced by the storm and need assistance, refer them to a local charity such as Network of Community Ministries, 741 S. Sherman St.

Residents With Pools
Even if the water is saturated with dirt and debris, residents are advised not to drain their swimming pools. Draining the swimming pool can lead the pool to “float” or “pop” out of the ground due to an elevated water table. The best bet is to clean the water currently in the pool, no matter how dirty it may look.

Insurance Information
What you should know about recent changes to the Texas Insurance Code

Several laws were passed in the recent State Legislative session that are effective as of Sept. 1, 2019. Be sure to check with your insurance agent if you have any questions.

Updates to the Texas Insurance Code include:

  • Adjuster changes
    •  A contractor that is providing or may provide services cannot act as a public adjuster for the property. Also, adjusters must use the same name that is on their adjuster license.
  • Deductibles
    • Property insurance claimants must pay deductibles required under the terms of their policy.
    • The insurer may require proof of payment by a policyholder of any deductible on a policy with replacement cost coverage before releasing recoverable depreciation or a replacement cost holdback.
    • Code now specifies contract language requirements related to deductible payments for claims of $1000 or more and outlines the offenses related to the payment of deductibles by a person other than a policyholder.

Utility Contact Information:

  • Atmos Energy emergency number: 866-322-8667
  • Oncor power outage information: 888-313-4747