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How the Apartment Inspection Program Works
All apartment complexes older than 5 years are inspected by City staff on an annual basis. Representatives from Community Services, the Health Department, the Fire Marshal’s Office and the Police Department participate in the Annual Inspection.

Complexes are evaluated on the condition of their buildings (interior and exterior), general property and common area maintenance, the condition of electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment, health and sanitary conditions, and the fire code. View an Apartment Inspection Program Report.

A complex must score 85 out of 100 points to pass the Annual Inspection. A complex that receives less than 85 points is fined $15.00 per unit for the first failure, and $20.00 per unit for each subsequent failure. Additional legal action may also be taken depending on the circumstances.

Residents may request an inspection of the interior of their apartment by completing an authorization form, which is left on the apartment’s front door three days prior to the Annual Inspection, or by calling Community Services at 972-744-4180 at any time.

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For a brief overview of the ordinances, please visit our Apartment Quick Code Page.

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