Commercial Code Enforcement

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There are four main elements to the Commercial Inspection Program: 
  1. City-wide regularly scheduled inspections for a variety of violations (see list below).
  2. Investigating citizen complaints.
  3. Regularly scheduled site and landscape plan inspections at both occupied and vacant properties throughout the City.
  4. Site and landscape plan inspections as part of regular Certificate of Occupancy process. 

Inspection Categories
While there are literally hundreds of regulations enforced via the Commercial Inspection Program, the most common inspection items have been summarized below for your convenience.

  • Zoning:  Use regulations, outside display of merchandise and goods, open storage, supplemental regulations for certain uses, special conditions 
  • Development:  Site and landscape plans 
  • Property Standards:  All exterior components of a building, screening walls and fences, address numbering, parking lots 
  • Parking Regulations:  Oversized and prohibited vehicles, parking on an unimproved surface, junked or abandoned vehicles, “For Sale” vehicles 
  • Nuisance:  High grass, tree trimming, visibility obstructions, abandoned shopping carts, unauthorized parking lot/sidewalk sales, strewn litter, illegal dumping, dumpster area maintenance 

For a brief overview of the ordinances commercial code enforcement officers enforce, please visit our Commercial Quick Code Page. 

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