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411 West Arapaho Rd
Suite 108
Richardson, TX  75080

Mailing Address:
PO Box 830309
Richardson, TX  75083



This is a list of common questions related to Community Services issues. To find questions on a particular topic, click on one of the links below. 

General Information
Building Information
Code Enforcement
Trash / Recycling
Garage Sales / Garage Sale Signage
Homeowner / Neighborhood Associations
Home Improvement Incentive Program
Miscellaneous Topics

General Information 

How do I contact Community Services? 
Telephone: 972-744-4180 
Fax: 972-744-5802 

Where is Community Services located?
Physical Address:
411 W. Arapaho Road, Suite 108
Richardson, Texas 75080

Mailing Address: 
PO Box 830309 
Richardson, Texas 75083-0309 

Building Inspection 
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When will my inspection be made? 
Inspections are performed twice a day. Any inspection called in before 8 a.m. will be made between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Requests made after 8 a.m. and before noon will be made between 1:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Can I request an inspection online?
Yes, inspection requests may be scheduled online anytime. Schedule an inspection or view inspection results.

How do I find out the results of my inspection?
An inspection tag will be left at the site and inspection results may also be obtained online. View Inspection Results.

Do I need a permit to replace my roof? 
Yes, permits are required when repairing, recovering or replacing 25% or more of the entire roof area. For more information click on roof replacement and repair.

I would like to report signs posted in medians and on street-sign posts, what should I do? 
Please contact Community Services at 972-744-4180. 

I want to enclose my garage. What do I do? 
Garages may be enclosed provided you meet all building and zoning codes. An enclosed garage behind the front building line is required to accommodate two off-street parking spaces when a garage is converted into living space. Please contact Community Services at 972-744-4195 for permit information.

Do you require third party energy inspections?
No, our inspectors are certified to make all required energy inspections. 


Code Enforcement 
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How can I obtain information about code enforcement action in my neighborhood? 
Community Services has an Email Update Program to provide neighborhood groups of 10 or more regular email updates on code enforcement activity in their neighborhood. To learn how to receive email updates for your neighborhood please visit our E-mail Update page or call 972-744-4180. 

I received a notice of violation, what should I do? 
Please abate the violation as soon as possible. If this is not possible due to extenuating circumstances, contact the code enforcement officer that sent you the notice at the telephone number listed in the notice. 

I received a notice of violation that indicated a re-inspection would be conducted, what should I do? 
Please abate the violation as soon as possible. A code enforcement officer will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure compliance. If this is not possible due to extenuating circumstances, contact the code enforcement officer that sent you the notice at the telephone number listed in the notice. 

I received a notice of violation but cannot abate the violation before the re-inspection date, what should I do? 
Please contact the code enforcement officer that sent you the notice at the telephone number listed in the notice. 

I received a notice of violation regarding a property I no longer own, what should I do? 
Please contact the code enforcement officer that sent you the notice at the telephone number listed in the notice. 

I reported a violation but it has not been abated, what should I do? 
Please contact Community Services at 972-744-4180 for a complete update. 

I received a court citation, what should I do? 
Please contact the Municipal Court at the telephone number listed on the back of the citations to schedule a hearing. Contacting Community Services will not satisfy your legal requirement with the Court. 

I received a notice of violation, but am unable to complete the work required to abate the violation due to a disability. Are there any programs available that offer assistance to someone in my situation? 
Yes. The Volunteer Assistance Program was established to match residents in need of help with volunteer groups looking for opportunities to provide assistance. To learn more visit our Volunteer Assistance Program page or call 972-744-4180.



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I am having trouble getting my landlord to fix a problem in my apartment. Who can I call? 
To report an issue please e-mail our Apartment Inspection Program staff. 

What are the parking rules for the neighborhood? 
Parking rules and regulations can be viewed on our Quick Codes page. 

My apartment is infested with roaches/rats/other vermin. Who do I call? 
To report roaches, rats or other vermin please contact the Richardson Health Department at 972-744-4080. 

Where can I view outstanding issues for my complex? 
To view outstanding issues please refer to our Recent Code Activity Reports for apartments.

Where can I view the inspection score for my complex? 
To view and inspection score visit the Apartment Inspection Program Annual Score Sheet page.



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How can I make changes to my landscape or site plan for non-residential properties? 
All changes to Landscape and Site Plans must be approved through Development Services. To learn more please visit the Development Services Website or call 972-744-4240. 

Where can I find the ordinances for the different zoned areas? 
This information is available in the City of Richardson’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

I would like to report a vehicle “for sale” at a commercial property, whom should I call? 
Please contact Community Services at 972-744-4180. 

How do I find out the status of my Certificate of Occupancy inspection? 
Information on the status of a Certificate of Occupancy inspection can be obtained online or by calling Community Services at 972-744-4180. 


Trash / Recycling 
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What are my trash collection and recycle days? 
Service days are Monday and Thursday for residents south of Arapaho Road, and Tuesday and Friday for residents north of Arapaho. Garbage should be out by 7 a.m. on your pick up day. To learn more visit our Regular Residential Trash page or our Map of Trash Pickup Days

I have a large item I would like collected, who do I call? 
Special collections are made on a call-in basis for brush clippings and/or bulky items such as tree trunks. Please call 972-744-4111 to leave a recorded request for Special Collections or for further information. 

Does the City have a recycling program? 
Yes. Richardson has convenient curbside recycling known as the Blue Bag Recycling Program

Are there any recycling drop off centers in Richardson? 
Yes. Located at 102 N Cottonwood Drive. 

What items can I recycle? 
The Blue Bag Recycling Program accepts newspaper, magazines, catalogues, plastic bottles #1-5 and #7, steel cans, aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans, and clear, brown, and green glass. All recyclable may be placed in the same blue bag. 

I have hazardous materials / chemicals to dispose of, where can I go? 
Richardson residents can now take their household hazardous waste to the new Home Chemical Collection Center located just 2 miles south of the Plano Road & Buckingham intersection (11234 Plano Road, Dallas, TX 75243 (T) 214-553-1765). To learn more visit our Household Chemicals information page.  


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I would like to report a junk / abandoned vehicle parked on my street, what should I do? 
Please contact the Police Department at 972-744-4800. 

I would like to report a junk / abandoned vehicle parked on private property (commercial or residential), what should I do?
Please contact Community Services at 972-744-4180 or via e-mail. 



Garage Sales / Garage Sale Sign Regulations
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I want to have a garage sale at my property. Does the City of Richardson require a permit? 
Yes, the City of Richardson does require a permit for a garage sale. For more information click on Garage Sale Permits.

Where am I allowed to place signs advertising my garage sale? 
Garage sale signs may not be placed in any public median. If you wish to place a sign on private property you must obtain permission from the property owner. Signs must be removed immediately following a garage sale. 



Homeowner / Neighborhood Associations 
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What is the difference between a neighborhood and homeowner association? 
A neighborhood association is a voluntary association of homeowners, renters, local business, churches and schools that work together to achieve neighborhood goals and build community spirit. Participation is not mandatory, and membership is open to all residents within the boundaries of the neighborhood. 

A homeowner association is a group of homeowners who live in an area built by the same developer; formed for the purpose of improving or maintaining the quality of the area. Homeowner associations usually have a formally elected body and are governed by covenant or deed restrictions - a set of rules that the buyer agreed to when they purchased the home. 

I would like to start a neighborhood association in my neighborhood. Is there someone that can assist me? 
Yes, Community Services has a Neighborhood Association Development Program available to assist residents who are interested in forming a neighborhood association in their neighborhood. To learn more please visit our Neighborhood Association Development page or call 972-744-4180. 

Is leadership training available for neighborhood/homeowner association leaders? 
Yes. Community Services hosts two Neighborhood Leadership Workshops throughout the year. These workshops are designed to provide leadership training for neighborhood and other community associations in Richardson. To learn more visit Neighborhood Resources or call 972-744-4180. 

I am responsible for my neighborhood’s newsletter. Is there any information available through the City that I can include? 
Yes, a database of articles related to city codes, programs and services is available on our articles page or call 972-744-4180. 

I am interested in having someone from the City speak at our next neighborhood event? How do I request a speaker? 
To request a speaker please send us an e-mail or call 972-744-4180.



Home Improvement Incentive Program 
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What types of projects qualify for the program? 
Any home improvement project that would potentially increase the value of the home is eligible for the program, provided the $20,000 minimum investment level is achieved. Eligible projects include but are not limited to:

  • Additions
  • Façade improvements
  • Landscaping
  • Interior remodels
  • Kitchen/Bathroom updates and remodels
  • Painting
  • Flooring

Projects that would not qualify for the program include those that do not contribute to the permanent value of the home, for example: new TVs, stereo systems, furniture, etc. 

Can the $20,000 minimum investment be fulfilled by a combination of multiple small-scale projects? 
Yes. Invoices and receipts associated with all work performed must be provided after project completion to confirm the minimum investment amount. 

How do I know if my improvement project requires a building permit? 
Contact Building Inspection at 972-744-4180. 

How will I know if my project has been approved? 
You will receive an approval letter and Incentive Contract in the mail one to two weeks after submitting your application. You must sign the Incentive Contract, make a copy for your records, and return the original to Community Services to confirm your participation. 

How is the value of my home determined? 
The taxable value of your home is determined by the Dallas or Collin County Appraisal Districts, depending on where you live. For specific questions regarding how the appraisal districts operate, contact: 

The Dallas Central Appraisal District 
2949 North Stemmons Freeway 
Dallas, Texas 75247 
Customer Service: 214-631-0910 
Main switchboard: 214-631-0520


The Collin County Appraisal District 
250 W Eldorado Pkwy 
McKinney, Texas 75069 
(469) 742-9200 
(866) 467-1110 (toll-free) 

When will I receive my incentive check? 
The incentive works as a rebate. Participants must pay the increased tax on their homes before the incentive is issued. For example: if a project is completed in 2017, the home will be appraised in its completed condition in 2018. The incentive check will be mailed to the property owner after 2018 taxes are due in April of 2019.



Miscellaneous Topics 
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I have relatives planning a visit; can they park their recreational vehicle at my property temporarily? 
Temporary parking variances are available through Community Services. Please click here to obtain a RV parking variance

How do I file an open records request? 
Open Records request must be filed with the City Secretary’s Office. Please be specific regarding the information you request. Please contact the City Secretary’s Office at 972-744-4290. 

The streetlight on my street is not working. What do I do? 
Most Richardson streetlights are repaired and maintained by ONCOR. However, some lights (referred to as "guard lights") must be reported to the owner of the light, who would then contact their retail electric provider. To report an outage please consult ONCOR's outage reporting map. Street lights are indicated by yellow dots on the map and can be reported directly from the map. Guards lights are indicated by blue dots, and the map will offer an approximate address for the light's owner.

My neighbor’s tree is hanging over my property, what should I do? 
The City of Richardson does not regulate trees overhanging between two private properties. Speak with your neighbor and try to reach a mutually acceptable solution. 

My tree has grown into the power line, what should I do? 
Please contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747, or call your retail electric provider.

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