Garage Sale Permits at Residential Properties

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Due to the COVID-19 order, garage sales are not permitted at this time and no permits can be issued. Your patience is appreciated.


Ordinance 3857 requires all people who hold a garage sale to obtain a permit by midnight the day of the sale. No fee will be required for the permit. The ordinance also limits garage sales to a maximum of three in any 12-month period at the same address, and no resident may conduct more than three garage sales in any 12-month period. The garage sales shall not exceed seventy-two hours in duration, and at least four business days shall elapse between consecutive sales.

To obtain your garage sale permit, please click on the link and follow the instructions. After you complete the application process, as long as you meet the above requirements, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your permit. Please print the permit and post at the property where it will be visible from the street.

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Apartment complexes will need to contact Community Services at 972-744-4180 to obtain a permit.

Garage sale permits only apply to residential properties; any events at commercial properties require a special event approval. For additional information please visit the special events page or call 972-744-4180.