Community and Group Home Resources

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The City of Richardson's standard operating procedures for regulating Community and Group Homes are governed by the Federal Fair Housing Act as well as the Texas Human Resources Code. Please note it is illegal to operate a Community or Group Home without first obtaining a reasonable accommodation.

A Community Home is defined as an entity operated by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Certified by the Texas Department of Human Services as a provider under the medical assistance program serving persons in intermediate care facilities or persons with mental retardation, or licensed under Chapter 247, Health and Safety code as an assisted living facility, and provides food and shelter, personal guidance, care, habitation services and supervision to persons with disabilities in the home.

 A Group Home is defined as housing occupied by groups of three or more unrelated individuals with disabilities, which may or may not be provided by organizations that also offer various services for individuals with disabilities living in the home.


Community & Group Home Ordinance

Community & Group Home Reasonable Accommodation Policy & Procedure

Application for Reasonable Accommodation

Human Resources Code Title 8 Chapter 123

Texas Health & Human Services