Residential Code Enforcement

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The Residential Inspection Program was established to compliment residents’ efforts to maintain neighborhood desirability and encourage reinvestment. By working together we can keep Richardson an attractive, healthy, and safe place to live! 

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Over the years, minimum property maintenance standards have been established to help realize this goal.  Below are some of the issues our code enforcement staff address on a daily basis:

Address Numbers
To enable the Police and Fire Departments to respond quickly to emergency calls, address numbers must be posted so that they are clearly visible from the street and alley. Numbers must be posted on the curb or curbside mailbox and on the front and back of a residence on the home, garage, fence, or other structure between 3 and 10 feet off the ground. Address numbers must be a minimum of 3 inches high so that they are easily seen.

High Grass and Weeds
Residents are responsible for maintaining the grass and weeds at their property, including all adjacent parkways and alley easements. Grass and weeds are in violation when they reach a height of 12 inches.

Trees, bushes and other vegetation must be kept trimmed 7 feet above sidewalks, 14 feet above streets and alleys, and 1 foot back from the alley pavement. All vegetation should also be kept trimmed so that it does not obstruct the view of motorists or pedestrians using public streets and alleys.

Residents are responsible for maintaining the fence around their property. Fences should be maintained so that they do not lean severely and are not missing slats or sections. New fences or significant replacement of existing fences require a permit. Call the Building Inspection Department at 972-744-4180 for more information.

Open Storage
Open storage is defined as the placement of an item that is not customarily used or stored outside, or that is made of a material that is not weather resistant in an unenclosed outdoor area for more than 24 continuous hours. Open storage is prohibited in the front yard, on a front porch, under a carport, or any other unenclosed area. All items stored outdoors must be screened from adjacent properties, streets and alleys by a 6-foot, solid wooden fence. Outside storage is limited to one percent of a residential lot.

Trash and Debris
Residents are responsible for ensuring their property, including all adjacent parkways and alley easements, is free of litter and debris. This includes not placing trash out for collection on non-collection days. To ensure timely collection, trash should be placed out before 7:00 am on collection days only.

Brush and Bulky Item Collection
Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) is a free service offered to Richardson residents. The service is designed to help residents dispose of large amounts of brush and oversized items like unwanted appliances and furniture that cannot be placed out for regular trash collection. Residents must request BABIC service prior to placing an item on the parkway for collection. Requests for brush or bulky item collection service can be made 24-hours a day, 7-days a week by leaving a voice-mail message at (972) 744-4111 or by completing an on-line BABIC request form. If you wish to dispose of (rather than recycle) small bundles of branches, they should be cut to 3-foot lengths and placed out for regular trash collection.

Minimum Property Standards
Residents are responsible for maintaining homes and businesses by keeping the exterior (brick, wood, siding, roof, windows, doors, etc.) free of holes and other defects. All wood surfaces must be painted and in good condition.

Home Occupations/Garage Sales
Home businesses are permitted in Richardson so long as they are incidental to the primary use of the premises. If you want to operate a business from your home, please contact Community Services to ensure your business does not violate the home occupation ordinance. A residence may conduct up to three garage sales per year. Each sale may last no longer than three consecutive days.

Yard Parking
Residents may not park vehicles on grass between a front building wall and the street, or between a side building wall and the street on corner lots. In addition, vehicles may not be parked on vacant or unimproved lots.

Junk Vehicles
Junked vehicles, which are vehicles that are wrecked, dismantled or inoperable and do not have a current registration or safety inspection sticker, cannot be parked in public view.

For a brief overview of the ordinances residential code enforcement officers enforce, please visit our Residential Quick Code Page.

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