Private Creek Maintenance

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Creek maintenance preserves property, aids drainage

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Creeks enhance the beauty and enjoyment of many Richardson neighborhoods and play a vital role to convey stormwater drainage to prevent flooding. Creeks that are not maintained regularly become overgrown with weeds, collect brush and trash, and become obstructed and unattractive. This can increase the risk of flooding and cause other problems that will diminish the use and enjoyment of your property (poison ivy, stagnant water, nesting areas for unwanted animals to name a few). If your property has a creek or a waterway adjacent to it or flowing through it, you are responsible for the regular maintenance of that area to preserve its drainage function and to preserve and enhance the enjoyment of your property and neighborhood integrity.

Guidelines for creek maintenance

  • Trees, brush and wood debris
    Remove fallen trees, brush and tree limbs from the creek since they catch trash and cause stagnant water and sediment to build up. This can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and block the natural flow of the creek, which can lead to flooding.

  • Debris, trash and litter
    Storm runoff may deposit trash or litter in the drainage way. Regular removal of litter will help maintain the creek’s natural appearance, improve water quality and deter the presence of rodents and other animals.

  • Slope protection
    Non-maintained creeks can lead to the erosion of the creek bank, which can damage and negatively impact the value of your property. Any slope stabilization measures that are in place, such as retaining walls, should be inspected at least twice a year and repaired promptly at the first sign of any damage or erosion. This will save you money and preserve your property in the long run.

  • Maintain planted ground cover in the creek area
    The root systems of established grasses and plants should be left in place as they help stabilize the soil and prevent slope erosion. Ground cover and other vegetation should be kept trimmed to prevent over growth and promote strong roots. Do not clear the creek slopes to bare ground, and replace grasses and ground cover that is lost during high flow.

Use BABIC service for clean up
The City can pick up trees, debris and bulky items removed from the creek, through the Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) service. BABIC is offered to Richardson residents at no additional charge and is designed to help residents dispose of large amounts of brush or oversized items that cannot be placed out for regular trash collection.

A resident’s BABIC day is the same as their recycling day, and residents are asked to request brush or bulky item collection service prior to placing an item between the sidewalk and the street curb for collection. BABIC service can be requested by:

Need help with maintenance?
For more information on maintaining creeks, including information about erosion protection, permits required for improvements near the creek and a list of companies offering maintenance, contact the Richardson Engineering Department at 972-744-4280.