Decorative Traffic Pole Program

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The purpose of the Decorative Traffic Pole Program:
• Allow the HOA/NA to upgrade standard City traffic poles to more attractive decorative poles.
• Create a unique neighborhood character and identity.
• Add to the attractiveness and stature of a neighborhood-potential for increased property values.
• Encourage a sense of belonging and neighborhood pride.
• Complement other neighborhood identity efforts.

Only recognized homeowner or neighborhood associations with the ability to enter into a legal agreement with the City and whose boundaries do not infringe on other neighborhood boundaries are eligible to take part in the Decorative Traffic Pole Program.

Program Guidelines
Associations interested in this program should first review the application requirements below to determine that they wish to proceed with the program. The program provides flexibility for the Association to decide which pole manufacturer and pole design it desires: however, Community Services must approve the final selection. The Association will purchase the poles and hire a contractor to install them. The contractor will coordinate with City Traffic Operations staff to be sure that the poles and traffic signs are installed properly and in the correct locations. After installation, the Association is responsible for repainting the poles if needed and repairing/replacing the poles if damaged or knocked down. Details of the program are included in an agreement that the City and the Association will enter into.

The application requirements include:
• The Decorative Traffic Pole Program application form;
• A location map showing the approximate location of each decorative pole;
• The name and contact information of the decorative pole manufacturer selected by the Association;
• The manufacturer, name/model number of the pole, and ancillary materials desired to be installed (pole base, street name bracket, finial);
• The name and contact information of the pole installation contractor;
• The program agreement, signed by the Association president or designated signee.

The completed decorative traffic pole application is to be submitted to Community Services for review and approval.

Design/Manufacturing and Installation Guidelines
Decorative Traffic Poles must be procured and installed in adherence with the separate Design/Manufacturing and Installation Guidelines established by the City. All design and manufacturing costs are the responsibility of the neighborhood.

The requesting HOA or NA is responsible for hiring a contractor to install the decorative poles. The association’s contractor must contact and coordinate with the City’s Traffic Operations Division, whose staff will identify final pole locations on site, approve the prepared pole foundations, oversee pole installation, and conduct the final inspection of each installation. The association’s contractor must notify the City’s Traffic Operations Division at least 10 business days prior to the desired installation date(s), and must conduct all work during normal business hours. Any foundation poured or pole installed without prior City inspection and approval will be removed and re-installed at the contractor’s expense.

Maintenance Guidelines
All maintenance, repair, and replacement of decorative traffic poles is completely the responsibility of the Association. The City’s Traffic Operations Division is authorized to remove decorative poles and replace them with a standard City traffic sign pole in the event that a decorative traffic pole becomes damaged. The City of Richardson reserves the right to remove any decorative traffic pole that it determines has become unsightly or damaged.

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