Leadership Training

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Neighborhood Leadership Workshops

The Neighborhood Leadership Workshops are designed to provide leadership training for neighborhood and other community associations in Richardson.

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Why should I attend?

  • To develop a better appreciation for neighborhood issues in general, and for vitality and integrity strategies used to address them.
  • To develop a better understanding of neighborhood association management techniques and “best practices”.
  • To develop a better understanding of city operations and programs.
  • To benefit from networking opportunities and new relationships.

When are they offered?

  • Every third Tuesday in October and April
  • Information about the workshops is sent to all neighborhood associations, advertised in the Richardson Today, and publicized on the Community Services website.

General Curriculum

  • City Official / Staff Presentation—How to partner with the city on neighborhood improvement initiatives.
  • Community Partner Presentation—How to be an effective community partner.
  • Neighborhood Leader Presentation—How to successfully lead/manage an association.
  • Question/Answer Session—All presenters will respond to questions in a panel setting.

Monthly City Council / Presidents Meetings

The monthly Neighborhood Association Presidents meeting to promotes a two-way dialogue about issues important to our neighborhoods.

Meetings are held at Richardson City Hall at 7:00 am on the third Tuesday of each month.

Only neighborhood associations that are formally recognized by the City are invited to attend these meetings.

To learn more about how to attend a meeting please contact Community Services.