Neighborhood Vitality Program

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The Neighborhood Vitality Program was established to create an improved image for older neighborhoods that is consistent with new residential development and to provide incentives for continued community reinvestment into homes and property. Monies were allocated for the Vitality program in each of the past three bond programs. In 1997 $5.1 million was allotted, in 2006 $4.4 million was allocated, and most recently in 2010 $2 million was allocated for the construction of screening walls, entry features, bridge enhancements and landscaping projects. After the bond monies are allotted Community Services holds a call for projects where all homeowner / neighborhood associations are able to apply for improvements that will heighten the individual identity of the neighborhood. After reviewing all applications, City Council determines the final funding strategy. 

Below you will find examples of past Neighborhood Vitality Program projects.

 Entry Features
 Waterview Preservation Entry  Highland Terrace Entry
 Screening Walls
Canyon Creek Screening Wall  Greenwood Hills Screening Wall
 Glenville Park Landscaping  Glenville Park Landscaping 2
 Fox Creek Bridge  Lois Branch Bridge

For more information on the Neighborhood Vitality Program, please call 972-744-4180.