Sign Topper Program

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 The purpose of the Sign Topper Program is to:
  • Help neighborhoods be recognized for their unique character. 
  • Increase the visibility of a neighborhood to non-residents.
  • Encourage a sense of belonging and neighborhood pride. 
  • Complement other neighborhood identity efforts. 
Sign Topper College Park Sign Topper Cottonwood Creek Sign Topper Waterview Preservation


Only recognized neighborhood or homeowner associations; whose name and boundaries are unlikely to change, whose name is formally established and widely accepted by residents, and whose boundaries do not infringe on other neighborhood boundaries; are eligible to take part in the Sign Topper Program.

Program Guidelines
Associations that want to participate in this program must submit a Sign Topper Application to Community Services. The application must include a sketch of the proposed topper as well as a location map. Associations should not manufacture sign toppers until their application is approved by Neighborhood Services.

Design/Manufacturing Guidelines
Sign toppers must adhere to the Design and Manufacturing Guidelines established by the City. All design and manufacturing costs are the responsibility of the neighborhood.

Installation Guidelines
Only the City’s Traffic Operations Division is authorized to install sign toppers. All installation costs are the responsibility of the City. Prior to requesting installation an association must provide the following information: (1) location map identifying where the toppers will be installed and (2) name of all streets for which the toppers will be parallel to.

Maintenance Guidelines
Only the City’s Traffic Operations Division is authorized to remove, repair or replace sign toppers. The City of Richardson reserves the right to remove any sign topper that has become unsightly without replacing the sign.

Street Topper Application
Design and Manufacturing Guidelines
Recommended Sign Companies