Transportation and Air Quality

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Regional air quality is an important issue for Richardson.  In 2009, the City was awarded the EPA's "Best

Workplace for Commuters" for its transportation policy that positively affects air quality.  Also, the North Texas Clean Air Coalition awarded Richardson with a Silver Employer of the Year Award for the City's efforts in enhancing citywide sustainability efforts and air quality initiatives in 2010.  By endorsing the Chamber of Commerce's "Shop Smart, Shop Local" practices, you can help support local businesses and reduce travel time for other Richardson residents.

North Central Texas Regional Smoking Vehicle Program (RSVP)

The easiest way to report a smoking vehicle is to use the on-line form at You may also call #SMOKE (#76653) from most wireless phones. If you prefer to call from a land line phone you can dial metro 817-704-2522. Most wireless service providers have made the abbreviated phone number, #SMOKE (#76653), available to their customers free of airtime charges.

AirCheckTexas Repair and Replacement Assistance Program

The AirCheckTexas Repair and Replacement Assistance Program is designed to help vehicle owners comply with vehicle emissions standards to reduce ozone-forming pollutants created by on-road motor vehicles. It addresses the highest polluting vehicles and provides an incentive for citizens to contribute to the regional air quality solution.  The AirCheckTexas Repair and Replacement Assistance Program expanded to offer more financial assistance to more vehicle owners.

Residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth nonattainment counties (Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, and Tarrant) may be eligible to receive vouchers for $3,000 toward the purchase of a newer car or truck and $3,500 toward a hybrid vehicle from participating auto dealers.  Up to $600 for repair assistance is available.  Brochures about the program along with the application are available at the link below.

Need ideas on how you can help?  Checkout the following sites.

If you are interested or have questions about reducing traffic, start your search at our High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)  FAQ site.


Causes of Air Pollution: (1) greenhouse effect, (2) particulate contamination, (3) increased UV radiation, (4) acid rain, (5) increased ground level ozone concentration, (6) increased levels of nitrogen oxides.
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