Rainwater Harvesting

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The City of Richardson encourages residents to practice water conservation techniques, such as rainwater harvesting. The purpose of Richardson's Rainwater Harvesting Ordinance is to simplify the process homeowners must go through to install rainwater harvesting systems, while ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Rainwater Harvesting Ordinance


Image courtesy of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Center.

For information on regulations and requirements for rainwater harvesting systems view the documents below.

Rainwater Harvesting Brochure 
Rainwater Harvesting Systems Ordinance

All rainwater harvesting systems are required to comply with the City's Rainwater Harvesting Ordinance, but a permit is only required when the total cumulative capacity of all storage tanks or rain barrels on the property exceeds 400 gallons. Additional permits may be required for systems that have permanent electrical or mechanical features, such as electrical pumps. Contact the Building Inspection Department at 972-744-4180 to obtain a permit.

Residents who wish to install systems that have a cumulative capacity of less than 400 gallons must register their system by following the link below. There is no fee for registration.

 Register Your Rainwater Harvesting System Here


Rainwater Harvesting Resources

According to the Texas Water Development Board, "Rainwater harvesting has considerable potential as a source of alternate water supply in Texas if systems that collect the water are properly designed and implemented." Use the links below to find out more about the benefits of rainwater harvesting and how to design and install your own rainwater harvesting system.