Development Services is responsible for projects involving transportation and land use issues in Richardson. The department’s two divisions—Planning and Development & Engineering—each have a unique set of responsibilities but work closely together to accomplish the City’s goals and visions.

Applications & Forms

Development Services staff processes applications for rezoning and development proposals and reviews applications for completeness and compliance with City ordinances and guidelines. Links to the forms, checklists, fees, and development submittal requirements are available in PDF format.

Regulations / Plans / Guidelines

Download the regulations and guidelines that govern development within Richardson, including highway corridor design guidelines and enhancement/redevelopment Planned Development Districts.

Development Status Map

Check out the Development Status map for more information on the zoning and development cases that are currently before the City Plan Commission and City Council, along with recent Administrative Approvals by staff.

Comprehensive Planning

The City of Richardson has been resolute in its commitment to the on-going refinement of key tactics to ensure the City's best possible future. Development Services Comprehensive Planning efforts focus on several areas, including, but not limited to, Enhancement/Redevelopment projects to revitalize under-performing areas of the City, and Transit-Oriented Development planning to take advantage of proximity to DART transit stations.

Community Revitalization Awards

The Community Revitalization Awards recognize property owners who have enhanced the community by making significant exterior improvements to their properties, which have, in turn, had a positive impact on the surrounding area. Find out more about the Awards, how to apply, and view past award recipients.

Boards & Commissions

Development Services staff work with several Boards and Commissions (City Council, City Plan Commission, and Zoning Boards of Adjustment) that make recommendations and decisions regarding land use, public improvements, planning and zoning, and thoroughfare improvements in conjunction with public and private applications. Video on Demand and meeting documentation are available for current and past meetings.

About Development Services

Discover additional information on the Development Services Department, including our two Divisions and members of our staff.