The following Boards and Commissions make recommendations and decisions on development, zoning, and variance applications.

City Plan Commission

The City Plan Commission makes recommendations and decisions regarding land use, public improvements, planning and zoning, and thoroughfare improvements. Meeting documentation is available for current and past meetings.

City Council

Council members are responsible for hiring the City Manager, appointing the City Attorney, City Secretary, Municipal Court Judges, City Health Officer and citizens to the City’s boards and commissions. The Council is also responsible for passing City ordinances, planning for capital improvements, issuing and selling municipal bonds, purchasing and selling property, establishing City departments, determining City services, approving the annual budget, and setting the City’s tax rate. The City Manager is responsible for the City’s daily operations, hiring department heads, supervising the City personnel, directing and coordinating all municipal programs, enforcing all municipal laws and ordinances, and recommending an annual budget.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment considers requests for variances to City zoning and fence ordinances (i.e., setbacks, building height, lot coverage, building materials, and fence height and location). Meeting documentation is available for current and past meetings. When called upon, the Zoning Board of Adjustment members serve as the Building and Standards Commission.