2017 Award Recipients

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Community Revitalization Awards

The Richardson City Council created the Community Revitalization Awards to recognize property owners who have enhanced the community by making significant exterior improvements to their properties, which have, in turn, had a positive impact on the surrounding area.

Both residential and non-residential projects are eligible for consideration. Nearly 250 properties have been recognized since the Program’s inception in 1994. Recipients are recognized by the City Council with a reception and award presentation ceremony held in February of each year.

The 2017 Community Revitalization Awards received 24 nominations with three (3) non-residential and eleven (11) residential projects receiving recognition.

Judging Committee

  • Mark Solomon, Mayor Pro-Tem
  • Bob Dubey, City Council member
  • Tom Maxwell, Jr., City Plan Commissioner
  • Stephen Springs, City Plan Commissioner
  • Beth Kolman, Chamber of Commerce

The 2017 Community Revitalization Awards presentation was held during the February 19, 2018, City Council meeting.

Campbell Way Shopping Center • 2067 N. Central Expressway

This 1980’s retail shopping center, consisting of three buildings, was recently renovated with the goal of breathing new life into a center that underserved the surrounding area yet had a good location. Site improvements were aimed at creating a well-defined parking area and traffic flow while creating strong aesthetic features.

Existing design elements such as large masonry columns were enhanced with the addition of corner tower elements. The removal of the green mansard roof and replacement with metal and steel details provide transitional lines for a more contemporary look. Sign panels between the masonry columns act as relational elements shared by all three buildings.

The northern building, formerly an auto repair shop, was converted into a restaurant space. A metal canopy was added and a new glass overhead door was installed providing an indoor/outdoor dining experience. The mature trees were retained and supplemented with additional plant material throughout the development. Lastly, pedestrian movement is enhanced with the construction of additional sidewalks, new landscaped area and outdoor lighting.

2067-2069 Central Expy - before 2067-2069 Central Expy - after

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany • 421 Custer Road

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany has been at this location since the early 1960’s. After years of research and open forums, the congregation decided that the campus needed to expand for much needed space, as well as undergo a major facelift to create a more welcoming identity to the surrounding neighborhood. The expansion included the construction of a two-story, 13,000-square foot Servants Hall that houses the chapel, music suite, nursery, offices, and meeting rooms. A new drive and covered porte-cochere define and enhance the main entrance along Custer Road. Additionally the existing landscape has been supplemented with plant material consistent with City policies throughout the campus.

421 Custer Road - before 421 Custer Road - after

Communion Neighborhood Cooperative • 514 Lockwood Drive

This early 1960’s commercial property had certainly seen better days. Last year, the property was purchased and repurposed as a co-working office featuring indoor and outdoor dedicated workspace, room for events, and a neighborhood café. Site improvements include a new asphalt overlay on the parking lot along with the addition of an outdoor seating area along the front of the building. The building improvements include the replacement of overhead garage doors, the addition of decorative front doors, a repainted façade, and the addition of planters with Italian Cypress trees along the front of the patio.

514 Lockwood Drive - before514 Lockwood Drive - after

Yodis Residence • 637 Devonshire Drive

This late 1950’s Richardson Heights home was enhanced with the addition of a second story. The brick home was painted and a covered front porch featuring a gable and cedar columns were added to enhance the home’s curb appeal. The second story addition was constructed with three gable elements and windows, tying the design together making it look as if it were there all along. The planter bed along the front of the home and the swing entry driveway were also updated, completing the wonderful transformation of this home.

637 Devonshire Drive - before637 Devonshire Drive - after

Mitchell Residence • 1221 Cheyenne Drive

Located in the Reservation, the 1960’s ranch home was demolished, allowing for construction of this classic two-story, Craftsman style home. The brick home is accented with siding and cedar elements highlighting this distinct architecture. White columns atop brick bases reinforce the Craftsman style as one walks up to the front porch. The second story dormers and windows are also indicative of the style. An attached front-entry garage with a decorative door complements the design of the home. Two mature trees were preserved, and new planter beds with colorful plant material were added along the front of this home putting the finishing touches on this timeless design. The Judging Committee complimented how the home was unique but still fit well into the neighborhood fabric.

1221 Cheyenne Drive - before1221 Cheyenne Drive - after

Dominguez Residence • 1001 Grant Drive

This Yale Park home built in the 70’s, recently received an update by the Dominguez family. The brick, siding and trim were painted to emphasize the architecture. A modern style door and new black shingle roof complement the color scheme; while large red pots provide a nice “pop” to the facade. The two existing Crape Myrtles were incorporated within triangular stone planters that provide a distinct entry from the sidewalk. The horizontal wood fence with hanging planters further highlights the makeover to a more modern looking home. The Judging Committee complimented the impact the improvements made to this home.

1001 Grant Drive - before1001 Grant Drive - after

Davis Residence • 1232 Mohawk Trail

This 1960’s home, located in the Reservation, was renovated several years ago. The new standing seam metal roof and dormers accent the large stone covered porch with cedar columns, providing an inviting feel to the neighborhood. The wide, decorative walkway leads from the public sidewalk to the front porch while the front yard is enclosed with a low wood and metal fence. The mature oak tree in the front yard was preserved, while a variety of shrubs and grasses have been incorporated to create an outdoor oasis. The Judging Committee complimented the property for its encouragement of congregation and neighborhood interaction within the front yard.

1232 Mohawk Trail - before1232 Mohawk Trail - after

Scott Residence • 2311 Clear Lake Circle

Situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, the existing home was torn down and replaced with this modern, 2-story home. The brick home is accented with stained wood accents on the second story and a standing seam metal roof. Soaring floor-to-ceiling windows allow for views through the home to the pool area in the back yard. A side-facing metal and glass garage door enhances the home’s modern appeal. New, drought tolerant landscaping and a knee wall at the front of the home accent the updated circular driveway. The distinctive, modern design coupled with the home’s unique location emphasizes this home as a one-of-a-kind revitalization effort.

2311 Clear Lake Circle - before2311 Clear Lake Circle - after

Gallagher Residence • 825 Lockwood Drive

This Heights Park ranch home built in the late 1950’s was remodeled by the Gallagher Family. The Gallaghers, who previously lived in Cottonwood Heights, moved to this property for the beauty of the lot and countless stories from friends and neighbors about the greatness of the neighborhood.

This unique project retained the original foundation and exterior walls while also expanding the footprint of the home and adding a detailed second story addition. The brick home was painted and a large covered front porch was constructed. A large, decorative gable with Tudor style windows covers the porch framed by decorative cedar columns atop brick bases and ornamental brick knee walls. Second story dormers, accented with cedar shingles add interest to the roof line. A new, attached side entry garage provides design aspects consistent with the detail of the home itself.

The decorative walkway leads to the front porch, and mature trees were maintained and supplemented with landscaping, including pallets of sod and several tons of rock that were installed by the homeowners. This sweat equity has provided an attractive entrance to this uniquely designed home.

825 Lockwood Drive - before825 Lockwood Drive - after

Denton Residence • 2306 Clear Lake Circle

This Canyon Creek home was torn down, making way for a new 2-story home last year. The covered front porch features a standing seam metal roof and square white columns creating a relaxing outdoor sitting area. Large gables and distinctively shaped dormers draw attention to multiple second story windows and the varied roof lines that adorn the new second story. The circular driveway was replaced with a new front yard area, highlighted by a meandering walkway leading to the front porch. Updated planting beds along the front of the home add the finishing touches to this uniquely situated home.

2306 Clear Lake Circle - before2306 Clear Lake Circle - after

Cantwell Residence • 400 Rustic Circle

In 2016, the homeowner purchased this 1950’s home located on Rustic Circle. The interior of the home was gutted while the exterior also received a makeover. Improvements included the painting of the brick home and the addition of cedar shutters to highlight the windows on the front of the home. A meandering lead walk, steps, and a new front door offers an inviting arrival to visitors. Landscape enhancements include the trimming of the existing, mature trees, the addition of new sod, and the planting of evergreen shrubs along the front of the home to soften the appearance of the foundation. This home is an example of what a little tender loving care can accomplish.

400 Rustic Circle - before400 Rustic Circle - after

Clarke Residence • 923 Fernwood Drive

Originally built in 1960, this Arapaho Heights renovation included the addition of a second story. Cedar columns frame the front porch delivering an attractive sitting area. Second story dormers with gables increase the interest of the second story roof line. Planter beds and ornamental trees preserved along the front of the home complete the look of this newly renovated home.

923 Fernwood Drive - before923 Fernwood Drive - after

Redmond Residence • 2406 Fairway Drive

Within the Canyon Creek neighborhood, a 1960’s home was torn down, creating the opportunity for the construction of this one-story home with a modern, hill country design. The stone and wood façade accents and the standing seam metal roof were a few of the “important touches” that were noticed and appreciated by the Judging Committee. Façade offsets and a vertical stone blade element create architectural interest. Two existing mature oaks are supplemented with various plant material. Leuder (Loo-der) stone blocks complete the transformation to this uniquely designed home that the Judging Committee felt was in keeping with the scale of the surrounding homes.

2406 Fairway Drive - before2406 Fairway Drive - after

Dietrichson Residence • 2505 W. Prairie Creek Drive

This 1970’s home, facing onto beautiful Prairie Creek Park, underwent a front yard transformation. Tiered retaining walls along the street and planter bed edging constructed of steel that change color as they weather demonstrate the impact that landscape design can have on a property. The bed areas incorporate existing mature trees, drought tolerant plants and decorative stone, mimicking a dry river bed. The large ceramic pot water fountain provides an aesthetic focal point for the renewed front yard. This new landscape design opens the view and changes the look of this Canyon Creek home.

2505 W Prairie Creek Drive - before2505 W Prairie Creek Drive - after